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Alton Towers boasts a wide selection of dining outlets, most of which offer up fast food of one variety or another. Given the choice on offer, and the time pressure on guests trying to pack in as many rides as possible, which are the best?

Last year, we launched our extensive theme park guides. Since then, dozens of readers have rated and reviewed restaurants at Alton Towers, providing a unique glimpse into which are the most highly-regarded among fans of the park. As we're focusing on Alton Towers as our "Park of the Month" for June, in this article we run-down the top 5 restaurants at the park, as rated by Theme Park Tourist readers.

5. Eastern Express

Eastern Express serves jacket potates with a variety of spicy fillings, along with kebabs, sandwiches and ice creams. A small number of tables are housed indoors.

Similar to kebab shops all over the country, Eastern Express’ food is greasy but filling. Those looking for a baked potato for lunch should take note that plainer options are available elsewhere in the park.

Full details: Eastern Express guide

4. Burger Kitchen

In 2013, Alton Towers owner Merlin kicked Burger King out of the park, opting to replace the well-known chain with its own brand: Burger Kitchen. The menu remains similar, though - a variety of burgers, fries and drinks are on offer. The Cloud Cuckoo Land outlet close to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The Ride offers more indoor seating than most of Alton Towers' other dining locations.

The big plus of this restaurant is the indoor seating, although it’s still best to avoid eating here during peak times (between 11.30 and 1.30) as long waits are the norm.

Full details: Burger Kitchen guide

3. Courtyard Tavern BBQ & Bar

Tucked away inside Mutiny Bay's courtyard, the Courtyard Tavern BBQ & Bar includes both an indoor bar and an outdoor barbecue counter. There's a large amount of outdoor covered seating, and a more limited number of tables in the bar area. The barbecue serves burgers, Nando's-style piri piri chicken burgers, vegetable burgers and pork ribs among other dishes, along with lattice fries, baked potatoes, corn on the cob and onion rings. Hot and cold drinks, as well and beer and wine, are also available.

The Courtyard Tavern BBQ & Bar is a little on the pricey side, but is still one of the most pleasant places to eat at Alton Towers. The food is a cut above Burger Kitchen, and there's also the chance to time your meal to coincide with the Pirates of Mutiny Bay show. This is a particularly good option during the Scarefest Halloween events, when the darkened courtyard is atmospheric (if a bit chilly).

Full details: Courtyard Tavern BBQ & Bar guide

2. Wobble World Café

Hidden away in Cloud Cuckoo Land, the Wobble World Café offers a range of hot and cold drinks, cakes, sandwiches and paninis. A limited amount of indoor seating is available.

Wobble World Café is a great place to grab a drink while kids bounce around in Wobble World itself. The cakes are tempting and not outrageously priced by theme park standards (though they’re certainly not cheap), but the toasted sandwiches and paninis are bit disappointing. Paying £3-4 for what amounts to little more than a couple of rounds of bread and slice or two of ham is likely to make most guests feel a little ripped off - but our readers still rate the café highly.

Full details: Wobble World Café guide

1. Explorers Pizza Pasta Buffet

Like Burger King, Pizza Hut was kicked out of Merlin's UK theme parks (with the exception of Thorpe Park) several years ago, to be replaced by Pizza Pasta Buffets. Alton Towers’ version features a large amount of indoor seating, and is very popular with families. It offers an all-you-can-eat buffet menu that includes pizzas, pastas, salads and drinks.

The food at Explorers Pizza Pasta Buffet is clearly inspired by that of Pizza Hut, and is similar but of slightly lower quality. If you want a filling family meal, the buffet offers surprisingly good value for a theme park.

Full details: Explorers Pizza Pasta Buffet guide

What are your favourites?

Disagree with the rankings above? Let us know what your favourite Alton Towers restaurants are by adding your own ratings and reviews.



I couldn't agree more with your Number 1 choice. We spent two days at the park this past weekend (27th & 28th July '13) & on the first day ate lunch at the Courtyard Tavern BBQ & sat down to eat in the bar area which is well-themed for the UK but wasn't being cleaned at all which unfortunately spoilt things somewhat. We ate burger & lattice fries which was ok but very pricey (almost £8 without a drink). The burger was good but the bun was too heavy although good quality.

The next day however we decided to eat in the Explorers Buffet & for less than £10 this included unlimited good quality salad, pizza, pasta & soft drinks. The restaurant either doesn't have a/c or it wasn't operating on the particularly hot day we attended so we moved table to one nearby an open window & genuinely had a surprisingly enjoyable meal & relax in well themed surroundings with excellent service due to the fact that the tables have to be cleaned to operate the pay before you get your tableware & cutlery policy. The best lunch experience I have enjoyed in a UK Theme Park for some time (I do miss the huge McDonalds located back by Charlie & The Chocolate Factory though)!!!

Spinball Noodles closed last year and has not opened since however the unit is still there but seating has been removed but its been closed for a good year now

Thanks...fixed. Haven't been able to get to the park this year for health reasons so I'd missed that.

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