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The 2013 season promises to be a very exciting one at Chessington World of Adventures. It has spent millions on its new Zufari: Ride into Africa! attraction, which combines both the theme park and zoo elements of the park, while a series of special events are also planned.

In this interview Charlotte King, the Chessington World of Adventure Resort’s PR Executive, answers out questions about the coming season and the park’s plans for the future.

1. Looking back, was 2012 a successful year for Chessington World of Adventures? What were the highlights?

2012 was a very successful year at Chessington World of Adventures with the launch of our exciting show Dreamworks Madagascar Live! Prepare to Party as part of the parks’ 25th Anniversary Celebrations. The Madagascar characters – Alex, King Julian, Gloria, Mort and The Penguins host the party that’s still going in 2013 with fun songs and dancing in the fantastic live show.

The births of two beautiful Westland Lowland Gorillas, in our incredibly successful breeding programme, was another highlight of the year for the whole Resort. Mwana and Kuanza are doing fantastically here at Chessington and we look forward to more successful breeding programmes with other animals in the future.

2. What’s new for 2013 at Chessington World of Adventures?

Brand new for Spring 2013 and for the first time ever, a theme park adventure and an array of wonderful live safari animals- including White Rhino, Giraffe and Grevy’s Zebra- come together in one amazing attraction as Chessington World of Adventures Resort launches Zufari: Ride into Africa!. Come face to face with amazing African animals as you embark on a thrilling journey but beware of the hidden dangers you may encounter along the way…

Image © Chessington World of Adventures

Adventurers will enter the Base Camp station for an interactive pre-show cinema experience where one of the research team from A.C.R.E*– the team who discovered the new land Zufari - will outline the details of the challenge they are about to set before jumping aboard the ultimate off-road truck specially designed for this mission. 

Adventurers will experience a thrilling safari expedition splashing and careering through the extreme terrain of the African outback. Amidst the wonder of getting up close and personal to incredible animals such as towering giraffe, powerful white rhino, dazzling zebra, flamboyant flamingos and many more species.

As always, there is lots going on at Chessington and 2013 is no exception! As well as Zufari: Ride into Africa! we also have the fantastic DreamWorks Madagascar Live! Prepare to Party stage show, over 40 rides and attractions in 10 themed lands, over 1000 amazing animals in the Zoo and Sea Life centre and a safari-themed resort hotel!   

* A.C.R.E.: African Conservation, Research & Exploration

3. Is the park planning any special events during the year?

There will be lots of additional events and activities throughout the year including special Pre-School Events through the year featuring well known children’s TV characters (watch this space for more information), the ever popular Halloween Hocus Pocus from the October 25 – November 3, Zoo Days during weekends in November, December and into the new year and Festive Zoo Days on selected days from December 7 - 26 so lots of reasons to come back time and again to Chessington for fun and exciting family days out throughout the whole year. Please check the website for more information on events, activities and park opening times throughout the year.

4. Looking further ahead, what can fans of the park expect in 2014 and beyond?

Holiday Inn Chessington

The Holiday Inn Chessington is set for an expansion.

Fans of Chessington World of Adventures Resort can expect the Resort to grow to be bigger and better than ever! We will be expanding our hotel to make the Chessington World of Adventures Resort an even wilder place to explore for the whole family.

5. Where can fans keep up-to-date with the latest developments from the park?

For more information and to benefit from advanced booking discounts and info on the latest events and offers visit our official website.

You can also find us on:


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