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How to Save Time at Paultons Park


Like most theme parks, Paultons Park can get very busy during the peak season. This particularly applies to Peppa Pig World, which is much less fun to explore when it is packed with frustrated kids standing in endless queues. Here are some essential tips for reducing the time you spend waiting in line.

Visit on off-peak days

This is standard practice for visiting just about any theme park, but if you can avoid the school holidays and weekends, then do so.

Buy your tickets in advance

There’s no point in wasting time queuing for tickets on the gate at Paultons Park, particularly as the best discounts are those available in advance from the park’s website or from local hotels. Arrive with your tickets in hand and head straight to the entrance gates.

Arrive early or late

We strongly recommend that you arrive at PaultonsPark at least half an hour before it opens during the peak season. If you’re visiting with kids, rush straight to Peppa Pig World. If this really isn’t possible, though, consider exploring the other areas of the park first, and heading to the Peppa Pig area later on when the crowds have begun to thin out. For those without kids, head straight to EDGE and Cobra when the park opens.

Ride the low-capacity attractions first

While Peppa Pig World’s attractions are masterfully designed, several of them are also painfully low in capacity. This particularly applies to Peppa’s Big Balloon Ride, Miss Rabbit’s Helicopter Ride, Windy Castle and Grandpa Pig’s Boat Trip. Make these your first stops, and try and ride them all in sequence immediately after the park opens.

Look beyond Peppa Pig World

While the land devoted to Peppa and her friends will be top of the list for most children, there are plenty of other attractions to keep them entertained at Paultons Park. These are likely to be far less busy, if you can persuade your kids to expand their horizons.

Avoid peak meal times in restaurants

We recommend that you consider bringing a packed lunch to Paultons Park and enjoy it in one of the many pleasant picnic spots available. If you don’t want the hassle, though (or just fancy some nice hot chips), then try and avoid peak lunchtimes in the park’s restaurants. These generally fall between 11am and 1pm.

Share your tips!

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