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Flamingo Land features a wide range of rides and attractions aimed at just about every age group. Our reviews are designed to help you decide which ones to prioritise, but if you only have a short period to explore the park then make sure to experience the attractions below.

The park covers a large area, largely due to the size of some of its animal exhibits. Guests first enter into Metropolis, which hosts a variety of restaurants and amenities, as well as the Wave Swinger ride. Further in, Upper Metropolis is home to major thrill rides Velocity and Navigator, and Seaside Adventure is dominated by Cliff Hanger. Splosh! (home to a water playground, Splash Battle and the Flip Flop ride) and Swoosh (largely occupied by the child-friendly Zooom! roller coaster) are located side-by-side in the centre of the park. You’ll have to walk right to the back to reach the big draws – Mumbo Jumbo, Kumali and the Lost River Ride, all located in the Lost Kingdom.

The park’s zoo sprawls across large area behind the Lost River Ride – be prepared to do some walking to see all of it. The large Muddy Duck Farm area houses a variety of smaller animals and children’s rides, and is easy to overlook if you stick to the main thrill ride areas of Flamingo Land.

Adults, teenagers and older kids:


Older guests looking for adrenaline-pumping thrills are well-served by Flamingo Land’s attraction line-up:

  1. Kumali – featuring a custom layout and passable African-style theming, Kumali is one of the best inverted roller coasters in theUK. After enjoying the excellent theme tune in the queue, you’ll race around a series of inversions, including the first cobra roll to feature in a Vekoma Suspended Looping Coaster.
  1. Velocity – the world’s tallest and fastest motorbike launch coaster (and the only one in the UK) hits a top speed of 60 miles per hour in just 2.8 seconds. Perched on top of your bike-style seat, you’ll feel the rush much more than you would on a standard coaster train. Not to be missed.
  1. Mumbo Jumbo – it may have lost its record as the world’s steepest roller coaster, but Mumbo Jumbo still packs a punch. Packed into a small footprint, the highlight of the ride is the 112-degree drop, but there’s plenty of other thrills to be had during its compact circuit.
  1. Cliff Hanger – the UK’s only S&S Combo drop tower ride, Cliff Hanger stands at some 180-feet-tall (making it the tallest ride of its type in the UK). You’ll get incredible views across Flamingo Land and beyond from the top – though you won’t have much time to enjoy them before you plummet back towards the ground below. Even better, Cliff Hanger can operate either as a drop tower or as a launch tower – or both.
  1. Navigator – Zamperla Disk ‘O rides have become very popular in recent years, and Navigator is a great example. The combination of a spinning flat ride and a traditional roller coaster is great fun.
  1. Flip Flop – while it’s basically a fairly standard Top Swing ride (with guests sitting in a spinning gondola that swings back and forth), water jets are used to add some extra excitement to Flip Flop.

Young children (aged 8 and under):


Flamingo Land is home to selection of great rides aimed at young guests and their parents:

  1. Muddy Duck Tractor Ride – it may not be the most high-tech attraction in the world, but the Muddy Duck Tractor Ride brings huge smiles to the faces of kids that ride it. The farmyard theming is excellent, and there are plenty of real animals to spot.
  1. Zooom! – the first Zamperla Air Force roller coaster to open in the UK, Zooom! is aimed strictly at younger guests. Its slow-paced circuit still features enough twists and turns to cause the aeroplane-styled vehicles to swing outwards, creating a fun feeling of flight that most kids will love.
  1. Splish Splosh – getting soaked in Flamingo Land’s water play area is a great way for kids to cool off during the hot summer months.
  1. Runaway Train – a great introduction to traditional coasters for younger children, the Runaway Train is relatively tame, but still exciting enough to raise a few screams.
  1. HMS Bouncy – featuring ball rooms, foam cannons and all manner of other distractions, the indoor HMS Bouncy is a great way to keep way to keep the kids happy while you put your feet up in the Waterfront Café 
  1. Junior Driving School – kids love getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, and those aged 4 and over will have a great time driving around a model village in small-scale cars, vans and even double-decker buses.

Families and groups:

Lost River Ride

  1. Lost River Ride – one of the biggest, and best, water attractions in the UK, the Lost River Ride brilliantly combines a major thrill ride with a trip around Flamingo Land’s zoo. After floating through the “African Plains” area, past rhinos, giraffes, hippos and lions, you’ll plummet down a 60-feet-tall drop into a splash zone below. Be warned: you will get soaked.
  1. Flamingo Land Zoo – don’t make the mistake of ignoring the animal exhibits at Flamingo Land, which are no mere sideshow next to the rides. The zoo is enormous – so big, in fact, that’s it’s worth considering a 2-day visit to give yourself time to explore it fully.
  1. Splash Battle – the first ride of its type to open in the UK (many others have since followed), Splash Battle features one simple aim: soak as many other people as you can. Floating around its circuit armed with a water cannon, you’ll come under attack from fellow riders and other guests manning cannons at the edge of the water. Ride directly before or after the Lost River Ride.
  1. Sea Lion Show – Kids and adults alike will enjoy watching the antics of Flamingo Land’s talented group of sea lions, who clap, kiss, swim and jump their way through several shows per day.
  1. Cable Car – don’t miss an aerial view of Flamingo Land’s zoo from the Cable Car, which offers a great vantage point over the giraffe and rhino enclosures.

What are your favourites?

Let us know what your favourite rides and attractions at Flamingo Land are by adding your own ratings and reviews.


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