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In the latest of a series of articles in which we'll ask readers to share their opinions on current theme park topics, this week we're asking for your views on what theme Disney should select for the planned third theme park at the Disneyland Paris Resort.

A recent deal with the French government extended the deadline by which parent company Euro Disney SCA is required to a build a new park at the resort, pushing it back from 2017 to 2030. However, with chief executive Philippe Gas claiming that a decision could be made prior to 2020 if other planned construction goes well, we thought it was time to test the water with Disney fans on what they'd most like to see at Disneyland Paris' third gate.

To help trigger the debate, we've outlined a few ideas below. Have a read through them - then let us know your ideas through the comments section.

Distant dreams - concepts for a third Disneyland Paris park

With its extensive back-catalogue of characters and stories, a hugely talented team at Walt Disney Imagineering, and diverse parks already operating worldwide, Disney shouldn't be short on concepts for any new park. Here are a few possibilities for a new addition at Disneyland Paris:

  • Marvel Superhero Park - Euro Disney's chief executive, Philippe Gas, has already thrown this one out there. He says one of the options under consideration for the resort's third gate is to exploit Disney's $4 billion acquisition of comic powerhouse Marvel, bringing iconic characters such as the Incredible Hulk and Spiderman to Europe's most popular tourist attraction. It's a tantalising prospect - how would Disney's Imagineers top the incredible Amazing Adventures of Spiderman attraction at Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventure? We don't know but we'd love to see them try.
  • EuroCOT - just as Disneyland's second gate was once set to be "WestCOT", a west coast version of Walt Disney World's Epcot, a similar concept could make it over to Europe. With Epcot's World Showcase featuring pavilions from nations all over the world, maybe the European version could focus on a "Europe in minature" theme? France and Germany's auto manufacturers might also be willing to sponsor a variation on Test Track, to outdo American rival GM's Epcot version.
  • Animal Kingdom - it received a muted reception when it first opened, but we are huge fans of Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom (particularly since the addition of the mighty Expedition Everest). The combined zoo-theme park is genuinely unique when compared with other Disney parks (even if it does owe something to Busch Gardens Tampa), and we'd love to see some of its best attractions transfered across the Atlantic. Given Paris' harsh winter climate, though, this may be wishful thinking.
  • Disney's Paris Adventure - although Disney's California Adventure, Disneyland's neighbour, is currently undergoing a $1 billion upgrade project to help boost its attendance, maybe basing a park on the local area has more mileage in it at Paris. There are thousands of years of rich history and mythology to explore - and the concept might help to overcome accusations that Disney hasn't embraced French culture at its European resort.
  • Lava Lagoon - an indoor water park with a Polynesian theme was originally planned to open at Disneyland Paris back in 2005, but was ultimately shelved. Although we'd love to see a third theme park, an exotic indoor water park under a glass dome within the reach of the chilly UK sounds like an intriguing option. You can see concept art for Lava Lagoon over at Photo Magiques.

Our thoughts

With Disneyland Paris currently featuring two parks - Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios - that are closely based on existing Disney Parks (Disneyland and Disney's Hollywood Studios respectively), we'd love to see an all-new concept adopted for the next addition. The perfect fit would seem to be a park based on Marvel's huge catalogue of big-hitters - and we're convinced Disney's Imagineers would produce something spectacular given the funds.

The number one priority for Disneyland Paris, though, should be to bring Walt Disney Studios up to the same level as its sister park. The planned addition of a $150 million dark ride based on Pixar's Ratatouille would be a good start - but at least two more E-ticket attractions are needed to bring the park up to Disney's high standards.

What do you think?

What you would most like to see as the third theme park at the Disneyland Paris Resort, if it's ever built? Share your ideas through the comments section below!



Almost forgot there should be 2 waterparks volcano bay and aqua adventure lagoon concept to get is from europacity waterpark for aqua adventure lagoon and volcano bay with the universal studios florida concept with wild wadi and lava lagoon and a little chiselling ocean kingdom. There should be 30 major rides, family rides, water rides, thrill and adrenaline rides, signature entertainment shows,cultural events, music festivals, outdoor concerts, a daily colourful carnival should be held there should be an entertainment street, accommodations include 10,000 cottages in villages nature and 15,000 hotel rooms. if this plan doesn't go there send it to eko atlantic city in nigeria to south enegyx limited company, the people working to create the city if you know anyone there send all my reports to them. renamed eko disney entertainment resort there should be daytime and nighttime experiences. also the disneyland park should be the biggest and use some of paramount london concept art. there should be 5 hotels and disney transport line. including buses like california and florida , disney resort line metro train like tokyo. a 4 line dual carriageway connecting the resort. there should be an event space, live outdoor music venue, a zoo like san diego zoo, environmental trails , indoor and outdoor event space capable of hosting exhibitions, conferences, music and sporting events and creative business space. use rival paramount london and europacity concept art. if it doesn't work in paris send it to the people responsible for creating eko atlantic city in victoria island lagos nigeria please theme park touristic you know at least one of the members so they can agree with disney on this method thank you for our grace

finally add a carnival parade to keep the park lively and alivecalled mickey and friends disney festival it will have the longest parade route ever bring disney junior characters like sofia the first, princess amber, prince james, jake form jake and the neverland pirate with his crew izzy and cubby, doc mcstuffins and elena of avatar with her sister princess isabel thank you hugely and deeply so much

plus mix the second park i have put with shanghai, walt disney world water parks, animal kingdom, epcot, shanghai disney, disney california adventure, tokyo disney sea and chimelong ocean kingdom concept art add rides from that masterplan there should be a tour of aquatic animals like the safari in animal kingdom both above water and underwater plus the water park should be a mixture of lava laggon+europacity waterpark+paramount london waterpark+wild wadi waterpark+altantis aqua adventure waterpark+sea world florida and san diego
third theme park-disney califronia adventure+paramount london theme park+universal islands of adventure+img worlds of adventure+europacity theme park concept art+ tokyo disney sea+ferrari world
circus-europacity contemporary circus concept art
cinema_novos cinema+ paramount art house style cinema+cinema complex
entertainment district - disney springs+disney town+seef lusail+theatre containing quality shows like musical of lion king, jungle book etc
shopping complex-europacity shopping complex+dubai best shopping complexes like retail city+bluewaters island malls dubai+seef Lusail
aquarium and aquatic centre:dubai underwater aquarium and zoo+atlantis the palm in dubai aquarium and interacting with dolphins and aquatic centre+hydropolis underwater hotel+sea world florida and san diego
recreation area keep everything there add new park-wishing star park+inspiration lake park+europacity urban and outdoor park+amphitheatre
sports grounds-sports city dubai+europacity sports complex
snow park, skate park and adventure park-europacity concept art for these three
disneyland park- shanghai disney+tokyo disney+magic kingdom
hotels-disneyland resort in california hotels+shanghai disney hotels+tokyo disney sea miracosta and celebration hotel+hong kong disney explorers lodge+best disney world hotels+europacity hotels
villages nature now part of the resort with farms, food trucks, aqua lagoon, with waterpark forest attractions, scenic trails, 10000 cottages, an international school for kids ages 4-18 using british and american curriculum, a school for disney trainees, 24 hr power supply, eco friendly, solar panel, wind turbine, tidal energy and a university for teens aged 18 and above with british and american curriculum
landmark ferris wheel-dubai eye and bluewaters island
culutral center for children, conference centre and cultural exhibitional hall, commercial area-europacity concept of these
outdoor venues-out door concerts, music festivals internationally
vibrant food markets
clean, green area
bring in rarer characters to the park form tokyo, shanghai like max goof duffy and sheliemay the disney bear, scrooge mcduck, jose caricoa and panchito pistoles, clarice the chipmunk, the little kittens from the aristocrats, jiminy cricket, angel from lilo and stitch, gelatoni disney cat duffy's friend and more rare characters `nd make them more common, more shows with special effectsl ike mickeys and the wondrous book, out of shadowland, crystal wishes journey, castle stage show like shanghai, keep mickey and the magician, nighttime spectaculars like tokyo disney sea fantasmic, new version of disney dreams show, animal kingdom nighttime spectacular rivers of light at the disneyland park , jungle book: alive with magic and oceana awakenings in disney sea and extra magic hours, more wifi, magic bands introduced in the resort
this is to summarise in my opinion for euro disney sca how disneyland paris should look like in 2030. please i'm begging if you know anyone in euro disney sca please show now three of my visions of what disneyland paris should be in future and use it for their expansion pretty pretty please accept this for the best so it can generate money so they are no financial issues and it could benefit france hugely, i do economics by the way please do this for economy growth and stability thank you for your kindness and support god bless you disney

I do believe that walt disney studios park should be replaced with disney sea. maybe with other plan i've put bring the california version and mix it with the plan i've made before. there would be oceana which is the park's architectural centre piece and icon the logo for the should be quite similar to tokyo's. it will serve as one of the main educational components of the resort within this oceanarium guests will experience true to life recreations of marine habitats and ecological systems from around the globe. Visitors will be able to touch, smell, feel, hear the world of water. Overhead walkways and underwater portholes would provide both bird's eye and crab's eye view. Interactive displays in oceana and hands-on participation will encourage children and adults to learn more about the ocean in ways that are fun, changeling and informative. languages should be in english, french and spanish. A variety of demonstrations and experiments will be specially created to educate as well as entertain for example through lenses you can see the eyes of an octopus , lobster, penguin and whale. can learn how coral build reefs. There would be a future research centre which would be a state of the art laboratory where guests could interact with some of the world's top marine scientists guests can visit the heart of the functioning laboratory observing scientists at work. Watching these experts visitors can glimpse the future of man's involvement with the seas and probe deeper into man's relationship with the environment. For the more light-hearted adventurers, the Center will include a simulator adventure that will give guests a glimpse of the drama -- and danger -- faced by real explorers of the deep. Interactive Programs for Students of all Ages In addition to Oceana and the Future Research Center, DisneySea will offer more formal on-site educational programs. A variety of full and half-day programs will be designed to help teachers in their efforts to share the wonder of the ocean with students. Programs may include special field trips featuring multi-media presentations, tours and lectures for the Los Angeles and Orange County area schools. Ocean Outreach Center Similar to the Teacher's Center in Walt Disney World's Epcot Center, an Ocean Outreach Center is envisioned to assist visitors in their quest for more information about the ocean. Serving as a library of the sea, the Outreach Center will ofer computer terminals, reading rooms and research files designed to meet the need of guests, staff scientists, teachers and students. guests will enjoy scenic beach vistas from the Caribbean, Polynesian, and the Pacific. They'll be entertained and invited to dine, shop, and take a dip in the the ocean, where they'll find sunken ships and marine life "under the sea." Fleets of Fantasy, adventurous attractions, themed to storybook seafaring, would recapture the spirit and whimsey of turn-of-the-century amusement park rides. Mysterious Island and Hero's Harbor would feature "high seas" thrill rides incoprorating thousands of years of mythic folklore relating to the ocean. At the rim of the American continent and the Pacific Ocean, DisneySea will offer a unique entertainment experience -- and a site of magic and wonder. themed lands added would be: mysterious island similar to the one in tokyo- , pirate island theme to jake and the neverland pirates, The park was to contain several attractions linked to the theme of water and sea. The principle is a mixture of the Future World EPCOT and enchanted kingdom some way from the theme of Tokyo DisneySea. The entrance should be located northwest of the site near Disney World Port-Port

The central point of the park was to be a six-Oceana glass spheres (in the image of Spaceship Earth EPCOT) which was to contain the palace of Ariel and attractions including an Oceanarium The Living Seas also cloned two floors.

Then the park was to be cut into several sections:

Mysterious Island totally included in a volcano, and Tokyo DisneySea. She must have two attractions Lost City of Atlantis and Captain Nemo's Lava Cruiser, it was to be a roller coaster suspended inside the volcano. They are respectively closer to 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Journey to the Center of the Earth.
Pirate Island was a play area for children on the theme of pirates
Fleets of Fantasy was to consolidate various boats including a Chinese junk, an Egyptian felucca as well as restaurants and shops. This concept was taken on the subject of American ships in American Waterfront.
Heroes Harbor was to revive the imaginary worlds of ancient heroes and stories related to the sea. The entrance was to be the Aqua Labyrinth, a maze with walls of water. (The concept is similar to Project labyrinth of the unicorn of the land Beastly Kingdom Disney's Animal Kingdom.) The attractions were to be devoted to Ulysses and Sinbad
Boardwalk Fun Fair was a tribute to port fairs of the early twentieth century. This theme and planned attractions were taken to the Paradise Pier in Disney California Adventure.
The sections were to be associated with areas of shops and restaurants on the theme of ancient Greece, Asia and the Caribbean. Further exhibitions were intended to explore the sea through tunnels tranversant giant aquariums or cages down in populated pits by sharksIn the evening the main lagoon was to host a firework.
World Port had to be a transshipment area for the Bay and inserted between the Queen Mary and the park entrance.

Port Disney would be located at the hinge of all and serve commercial and leisure area like the Downtown Disney / Disney Village. It should contain cinemas, restaurants, shops and nightclubs also. i decided to replace futuristic world i have put before to ventures reef similar to mermaid lagoon and port discovery mixed and cancel port disney discovery. a hotel near the park like tokyo's
A specialty retail and entertainment area. use the old masterplan for disney sea in california and fuse it with tokyo and the one i've made up previously do someone please send this to euro disney sca to demolish their worst park and replace it with this for the 25th anniversary celebrations i really want to see this there for the best please send this to the company they would love this. the park should be distinctively european, english, french mainly and spanish. pretty please send it to the company both of my comments to see the future of the resort if you know any of the members of the company
cancel star tours and replace it with marvel or stitch or tron or phones and verb stimulator ride. please i'm begging on my knees for you to send both my comments to disneyland paris for the best cause i really want to see it grow and expand to be better than disney world, tokyo, even shanghai. pretty please thank you so much for your kindness god bless you.

i think at disneyland paris it should be more like an entertainment resort than a theme park resort to make it the biggest in the world plus it would it could make sure that it would beat its european and asian rivals. firstly demolish walt disney studios and replace it with a sister tokyo disney sea with a shanghai disney twist when opening their additional two theme parks with chimelong ocean kingdom. the original theme park should be renovated, expanded and mixed of shanghai disney resort, tokyo disneyland and magic kingdom at walt disney world. the 3rd controversial theme park as told should be a marvel superheros theme park with a mix of the expanded disney california adventure and little epcot also filled with dinosaurs, avatar, toy story, little mermaid and a multi-complex cinema by novo cinemas this could be a one of a kind indoor-outdoor park there should be 10 themed areas . i think disney should bring back lava lagoon waterpark . close the worst hotels and bring themed hotels like toy story hotel theme to toy story land which should be expanded like walt disney world with toy story mania and kept and the ratatouille ride also should be kept. villages nature should be a part of the resort. a new urban park called inspirational wishing lake park should be opened. adventure trails, forest attractions for ages a water themed area and a children's playground should be included. disney village should be expanded and renamed as hyperion disney harbour a mix of disneytown from shanghai's and disney springs from wdw. the sleeping beauty castle should be renovated and renamed to be themed to all disney princesses like enchanted storybook castle and should be more interactive and receive the record of the biggest disney castle like shanghai. new 7lands: fantasyland expanded with shanghai, magic kingdom and tokyo disney rides, adventure land to adventure isle like paramount london one of its rivals tarzan or jungle book show or lion king and sinbad ride with flying carpets ride should be inserted lion king would be at the expanded festival disneyland, discovery land renovated and renewed close autopia include big hero 6 rides, zootropolis rides , frontier land replaced by lost crystal treasure cove, 18th century european town harbour with indiana jones and avatarfeel. the ride should be renovated and the indiana jones adventure should be inserted with rapids and shutes water rides. main street usa would be rethemed to disney avenue 1. 3 new lands called enchanted storybook forest themed to beauty and the beast with a dark ride, a boat that will lead to tales of disney classics similar to voyage of the crystal grotto in china. arendelle a land themed to frozen with an e-ticket dark ride, a boat ride, other kiddy rides, an expedition everest with olaf and kristoff similar to expedition everest in animal kingdom and a land first in disney similar to paradise pier called discovery pier with rides in the california adventure park with a twist though may some would appear in disney sea. disney sea paris would have 8 lands: porto belo a wealthy colonial capital of spain for the entrance with shows riding on the water, pirates cove similar to treasure cove, lands of legends, vulcania, banks of the tigris, hyperion wharf port, the bayou, beastly kingdom a one of a kind with a similar tokyo disney sea fantasmic. for the 3rd park disney paris's adventure 10 themed lands: cartoon circus, pixar playland, disney boulevard entrance, action square, marvel land, follow from hong kong and img world of adventure lost valley a dinosaur adventure, wreck it ralph land similar to cars land, phineas and ferb land, port disney discovery, futuristica world themed to robots and future like epochs and south korea robots theme park with educational purposes and a disney junior live on stage show like disney california adventure. there would be 5 new hotels, a landmark ferris wheel in the entertainment district there would over 150 stores. in the water park there would be 10 themed areas. for the entertainment there would be an art house style cinema, a snow park, a skate park, food trucks, farms urban and educational, a place for musical events outdoor concerts, a new carnival, adventure park, a contemporary circus, a sports ground complex, aquarium, aquatic centre near water park, cinema complex, shopping complex, boutique hotels near the resort, a theatre providing west end disney quality shows. the number of disney characters should increase and bring from california, tokyo and shanghai. conference centre, international school with british curriculum for kids 4-18, a school for disney trainees, cultural exhibition hall, cultural centre for kids. more shows and entertainment in the park. to look for better masterplans rename the whole resort euro disney entertainment resort on europacity, paramount london, shanghai disney, tokyo disney, disney california, hong kong disney, walt disney world, img world of adventure, universal islands of adventure websites to get better masterplan for the resort it will attract 20 million visitors beating disney world. this is to improve the park so it won't become worse as it is this should be released on disney paris 25th anniversary with promotional video at D23 expo. because i want to see the park majorly improve. please euro disney sca please permit so you show the rivals you aren't failing at all please do this so i dream of this to come to the park for the best pretty please walt disney company and euro disney sca for the best of the park so there would no longer financial issues in the park pretty please my number is 0705503522 my email is shown above for more enquiries for me. mercy beaucoup! au revere

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