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    Everything You Need to Know About the Viral New Secret Mode on Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run

    Though we thought we had explored every nook and cranny of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, over the weekend a new video from YouTube channel Fresh Baked Disney discovered a secret new mode in Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run.  Known as “Chewie Mode”, this special secret new ride mode replaces the voice of pirate Hondo Ohnaka with Chewbacca for the entire ride!

    Now of course, since this mode doesn’t include any instructions (unless of course you can understand Chewbacca roars!) we wouldn’t suggest this mode for those who have never experienced this attraction before. However, if you have mastered the Smugglers Run and know when to fire harpoons, make the jump to lightspeed, and can get all that sweet, sweet coaxium, here’s how you can activate this special Chewie Mode if you’d like a new challenge! 

    How to activate Chewie Mode

    If you and five friends want to check out this mode, you’ll need to move fast and perform a few steps right away:

    First of all, do not activate your position right away like you would normally do.

    • Left and Right Pilots: When you sit down, you’ll need to push your controls to the extreme left/right or extreme up/down depending on where you are sitting. Once this is done, pilots can then hit the activation button
    • Engineers and Gunners: Riders in these seats need to hit one of the white buttons on their respective consoles before hitting their activation button and then hold it (as you would the Shift key when making a capital letter), press the activate button, and then release both buttons at the same time. 

    All of these actions must be done before the Cast Member checks riders’ seatbelts and hits their own confirmation button, but if every rider has gone through these steps you should be able to access this special mode as soon as the ride starts. Still have questions?

    Chewie Mode FAQ:

    Is this mode at Disney’s Hollywood Studios or Disneyland?

    Both! You can play this mode on both the East and West versions of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

    Is this a limited time offering?

    As far as we know, Chewie mode is a permanent part of the programming, and will be available indefinitely!

    How will I know what to do without Honda talking?

    Your buttons/joysticks will still light up when you need to perform an action in the attraction, so just keep an eye on your controls and you should be fine. 

    What is the experience like?

    You can check out a video of Chewie mode below: