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The Epic Hotels That Will Open Alongside Universal Epic Universe

When it opens in 2025, Epic Universe won’t just be a theme park. In addition to the park itself, and the epic transportation that will get guests to and from this upcoming destination, Universal is also constructing three hotels that will allow guests to be a part of the action at this new destination, with one of Universal’s proposed hotels actually connecting to the theme park!

Though technically these details haven’t been confirmed yet, here’s everything we know so far about Universal Epic Universe’s hotels, based on permits, construction photos, and trademark filings: 

Universal Helios Grand Hotel

Ever since the first concept art for Universal Epic Universe was released back in 2019, theme park fans have been speculating about the potential for a hotel to be located within the boundary of the upcoming theme park. And while still unannounced, we now know thanks to both visible construction as well as official documentation that this is indeed happening. 

Widely believed to be called Universal Helios Grand Hotel, this flagship hotel will be located at the back of the Universal Epic Universe theme park, and will have 500 rooms located on 10 floors. Guests staying at this hotel will be able to access Epic Universe via their own entrance, and can even park in a private garage that is designated only for hotel guests, bypassing the general parking area for this brand-new theme park.  

Given the location and amenities, this will likely be a deluxe-level resort, with a very high room rate to match. Fortunately, for guests who are looking for something a bit more economical, Universal Epic Universe will have something down the street that should fit the bill 

Universal Terra Luna Resort and Universal Stella Nova Resort 

Located less than a mile south of the theme park will be a duo of huge hotels rumored to be named Universal Terra Luna Resort and Universal Stella Nova Resort. Each of these adjoining properties will contain 750 rooms and will be themed after the stars and moon. 

The properties are located side by side (similarly to how the Dockside and Surfside hotels face each other at Universal’s Endless Summer Resort) and will have a colorful exterior filled with reflective tiles carefully assembled in a mosaic.

It is currently unknown what level these two adjoining properties will be, but based on where they are located it seems likely that they will be moderate or above, and will still likely command a hefty room rate, especially during the first few years of operation, while Epic Universe is still new. 

A third-party hotel is also reportedly being constructed very close to Epic Universe

According to GrowthSpotter, there will be a non-Universal-owned property joining the lineup at Epic Universe as well. The W Hotel brand will be building a 22-story, 400-room hotel next to Epic Universe. Details are scarce, but this hotel is expected to include a 2,000-seat concert and entertainment venue in addition to the hotel itself, helping to diversify the options in this area.