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EPCOT Transformation: Work Continues On CommuniCore Hall And Plaza But When Will It Open?

UPDATE March 19 – In the latest construction update posted to YouTube by 4K WDW we get to see the latest developments on the long awaited CommuniCore Hall and Plaza. The tiles are being added slowly but surely and through the holes we get a glimpse at the interior images.

There still looks to be a significant amount of work to be done before completion. Disney has promised an opening for the CommuniCore Hall and Plaza in 2024 and although many Disney fans will be hoping for a summer opening it seems as if a fall opening may be more realistic as was heard in a recent rumor. As of yet, we still currently don’t have a confirmed opening date of exactly when the CommuniCore Hall and Plaza will open at EPCOT but we will be sure to keep you posted on this.

February 4, 2024 – Work continues on the EPCOT Transformation and in a new video posted to YouTube by Park Update we see views of the current progress being made on the CommuniCore Hall and Plaza.

From the video we can see that there is still a lot of work still to be done and it is now rumored that the CommuniCore Hall and Plaza will hopefully be complete by the fall. No official opening date has been announced as of yet by Disney but we will keep you updated throughout the coming weeks and months.

In two new posts added to Twitter by Bioreconstruct and embedded below we get to see work being done on CommuniCore Hall.

November 29, 2023 – have been closely following the construction progress of the World Celebration EPCOT Transformation which includes the CommuniCore Hall and Plaza. With the end of 2023 now looming we hoped for news on an opening date and Disney has just released this new information.

Disney has just announced on its social media platforms that the World Celebration Gardens and neighborhood which includes the Walt Disney Dreamer Statue will open on December 5.

After over four years of construction it will certainly be exciting for Disney fans to be able to finally wander around the World Celebration Gardens at EPCOT and to get up close with the Walt Disney Dreamer Statue. We still await news of the official opening of CommuniCore Hall and Plaza and will update you with further details as soon as they are announced.

In the video posted last week to YouTube by Park Update we got to see the view of the Epcot Transformation including CommuniCore Hall from the monorail.

Progress has definitely been made since our last update and the central section which houses the large planter which is based on the five-ring EPCOT logo looks almost complete. New signage has also gone up just in front of this planter. The box behind it is where we assume the Walt the Dreamer Statue is but this has not been revealed yet.

There is a lot of work going on in the CommuniCore Plaza with diggers and construction vehicles on site and large piles of earth having been dug.

Work on the CommuniCore Hall is also still underway particularly in the area at the front. We still await confirmation from Disney as to exactly when this area will be opened and with us getting nearer to the end of the year we expect to hear news very soon. 

In a photo update posted to Twitter by Bioreconstruct back on October 14, we saw that work was continuing in the center of World Celebration and the area was really beginning to take shape. 

Here is a close up of the exterior of CommuniCore Hall with the triangular lattice and walls with mount strips for exterior panels and dark grids with mount strips for panels. It seems likely that the crates contain the themed exterior panels.

There has also been a new video posted to YouTube by Park Update showing the current view of CommuniCore Hall and Plaza taken from the monorail. It is encouraging to see the progress that has been made since the last video in September.

We still eagerly await news of an official opening date for CommuniCore Hall and Plaza which is still expected to be before the end of 2023. We will keep you updated on this and construction progress as we head through the coming few weeks.

In a previous photo update posted to Twitter at the end of September by Bioreconstruct we can see that further trees have been added and work is continuing on the walkways. Here is an aerial overview to begin with.

This image below shows an aerial overview of CommuniCore Plaza and Hall where you can see work is progressing on the EPCOT 5-ring logo.

Here is a close up view of the 5-ring EPCOT logo in World Celebration.

Work is continuing on the walkway between CommuniCore Hall and Journey of Water where a frame has been cast into the pavement. More of these frames are expected to be added.

CommuniCore Hall, Bioreconstruct

More trees are being planted in CommuniCore Plaza. A number of these near the walkway will be taller in order to obscure the view to discourage other guests stopping during performances.

As you can see in the new video update posted to YouTube by Park Update and embedded below, work appears to be pushing forward in the central section. This new area is slated to open by the end of this year and with only three months to go there does seem to be a lot of work still to complete. We will continue to keep you posted on construction progress and further announcements regarding the confirmed opening date for CommuniCore Hall and Plaza at EPCOT.

Back in August, reporter Scott Gustin posted a photo of the new mural artwork which will be added to the exterior of the CommuniCore Hall at EPCOT. As you can see, the mural contains images of Mickey, Minnie, Donald Duck and Figment and appears to have a retro feel. It certainly looks bright and fun, let us know your thoughts by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.

Work appears to be progressing well on this new area of EPCOT and according to recently posted photos by Bioreconstruct developments are being made on CommuniCore Hall and Plaza. Most of the lattice has been added to the CommuniCore Hall exterior, large white triangles are expected to be secured to these.

Work is also taking place on the walkways along CommuniCore Hall as can be seen in the post below with many now complete. You can also see how the area will have a lot of trees and greenery.

This last photo shows a look from the monorail across World Celebration, when this is completed it is sure to be a fantastic new area of EPCOT. This EPCOT transformation is slated to open later this year, we hope this is a deadline that Disney can make as it certainly looks like they still have quite a long way to go before it is complete. We will update you on the official opening date as soon as it is announced.


In the latest video posted to YouTube on August 9, by Park Update you can see how it currently looks. You can see that there is still a lot of work to be done on CommuniCore Hall and Plaza but there appears to be a lot of construction workers and vehicles on site which is definitely a good sign. This new EPCOT transformation is slated to open in the Fall but as we are now in mid-August, many are questioning whether this will come to fruition? Lights have been added to the poles and more fencing has appeared. Journey of Water: Inspired by Moana looks complete, we know that Cast Members have been play testing the area and await the announcement of an official opening date. We will continue to update you on this over the coming weeks.

In the previous update which is embedded below and was posted on August 3, we saw that a lot more trees have been planted and there appears to be more construction vehicles on site and workers everywhere. 

In a photo update posted to Twitter by Bioreconstruct, we can see how this area which is slated to open later this year is shaping up.

Here is how World Celebration currently looks as of July 7. As you can see work continues to progress well. 

There have been developments with the gardens and palm trees are expected to be added at the side of the CommuniCore Plaza stage. There appears to be a question mark regarding the orange basins which can be seen in the photo below. We expect this to become clearer over the coming weeks. 

This aerial photo shows the new addition of copper plant-like features, you can also see the walls forming the globe at the center of a 5-ring EPCOT logo and where the Dreamers Point Walt Disney statue will be.

In this last photo, there is an exciting update, you can see lighting being added to CommuniCore Plaza.

We will continue to bring you updates from EPCOT over the coming weeks showing the progress and developments being made with the World Celebration. Here is the update from the beginning of June so you can compare the progress. Firstly, we can see the current view of World Celebration from the monorail, further trees are being added.

New concrete work has been added as well as a walkway can be seen in this photograph of the CommuniCore Plaza stage area.

Here we can see a view of CommuniCore Hall with newly added concrete in a planter at the lower left.

Continue reading to hear previous developments and updates regarding World Celebration and CommuniCore Hall and Plaza at EPCOT…


Disney announced in March that World Celebration and CommuniCore Hall and Plaza will open later this year. At the moment there still looks to be a substantial amount of work to be done. We will continue to bring you updates on the construction progress of this highly anticipated new EPCOT Transformation.

Here is the previous update from the beginning of April so you can compare with the photos above. You can now see that the floral mural has been replanted and the guest restroom looks to be opening soon.

This second aerial photo shows a closer look at the progress that has been made in CommuniCore Plaza.

Lastly, there is a recent photo of how World Celebration currently looks which includes new trees, a new guest route to the Seas Pavilion and new concrete for a main guest route. In the center you can see the position of where the 5-ring EPCOT logo will be with the Walt Disney statue at Dreamers Point at the top center of the photo.

On March 18, this was how CommuniCore Hall looked like from the Bioreconstruct photo posted to twitter. Guests will be able to view performances from both sides of the stage in the Plaza and there appears to be an added frame now in place. Garden beds are being added and the EPCOT logo is beginning to take shape. There certainly looks to be a lot of progress being made ahead of the slated opening later this year for CommuniCore Hall and Plaza as well as Journey of Water: Inspired by Moana.

New details and concept art were revealed back in May 2022 regarding the EPCOT transformation which will create a new look and feel for the future of the park. These can be seen below, but we are now bringing you new concept art which has just been released by Disney of the upcoming CommuniCore Hall and Plaza.

These two images show what we can expect from these new spaces which are set to debut in the fall as part of the new World Celebration area of EPCOT which will be home to the parks line up of iconic festivals throughout the year. The CommuniCore Hall is set to be the new location for the Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse and friends meet and greet area. 

EPCOT CommuniCore, DisneyEPCOT CommuniCore, Disney

In February we brought you an update on how one part of the transformation currently looked, CommuniCore Hall and Plaza. In this update by Bioreconstruct, we got to see the scope of work which has been done which includes a ramp from ground to stage floor to be added in the wall separation for the Plaza stage and rectangular walls built either side for gardens bordering the audience viewing area.

At the end of January we also saw the addition of a new concrete walkway on the site.

EPCOT is now known for its array of international festivals they host throughout the year and these festivals are set to be brought into the heart of the park in the new World Celebration neighbourhood.

Epcot Transformation, Disney

Just beyond Spaceship Earth will be World Celebration which will essentially be divided into different gardens with a central planter featuring the five-ring EPCOT logo. Each garden will have its own identity which can change with the different festivals throughout the year.

This area of green is set to embrace nature. A range of seating will be available and it certainly looks like this will be an ideal place for some tranquility and time for reflection within the park. World Celebration will come to life with light shows at night which can be customised and changed to compliment the festivals.

Epcot Transformation, Disney

As well as the new World Celebration there will be CommuniCore Hall and CommuniCore Plaza. CommiCore Hall will act as a multi-use facility which can be used for exhibitions, gallery space, live music, demonstration kitchen and more. CommuniCore Plaza will be able to host large-scale concerts as well as smaller musical performances.

The aim again with CommuniCore Hall and CommuniCore Plaza will be to have the space and means to showcase EPCOT’s international festivals bringing them into the center of the park for all guests to enjoy.

Epcot Transformation, Disney

A new meet and greet location where guests will be able to see Mickey and friends will be coming to this area, located adjacent to CommuniCore Hall.

Within the transformation there are hints to the fundamental core values of EPCOT in the names which link to principle of communication as well as the triangular geometry of the CommuniCore Hall.

Epcot Transformation, Disney

Disney is set to give further details regarding this extensive EPCOT transformation over the coming months. We will keep you posted on these when they are announced on our news and Facebook page. Are you impressed by these plans? Let us know by leaving us a comment below.