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DVC Billboard At Walt Disney World Is Now Complete

UPDATE September 26 – If you are heading along East Buena Vista Drive, Disney fans should be pleased to see that the DVC Billboard which has been getting a repaint in the last month, is now complete. You can see the finished DVC Billboard in the tweet shown below posted by Walt Disney World News Today.

As you can see, Goofy continues to drive while Pluto hangs out of the back but the windows are now frosed so no other characters can be seen inside. Do you like the new look of this DVC Billboard? Let us know your thoughts by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.

August 24 – A few weeks ago there appeared to be a run of Disney demolishing iconic billboards at Walt Disney World. We then saw scaffolding surrounding the DVC Billboard on East Buena Vista Drive. There has now been a photo posted on twitter showing that this billboard is being repainted which is reassuring news. We are unsure when it will be completed but we are expecting it to be back to looking like new again very soon.

July 29 – Walt Disney World has been hard hit in recent weeks with the demolition of two iconic billboards. Now it looks like something is going on at another billboard on East Buena Vista Drive.

Park Twister has posted a tweet showing that the DVC billboard on East Buena Vista Drive is now surrounded by scaffolding. Now although there are rumors online about another possible demolition job, as scaffolding has been erected we are expecting this to likely be a repaint.

Nothing has been confirmed by Disney and we are guessing that demolishing a third sign in such a short space of time would probably be deemed unnecessary unless there was a pressing reason to get rid of it.

On July 13, the iconic Twilight Zone Tower of Terror billboard which had greeted guests as they travel down World Drive to Disney’s Hollywood Studios for decades was demolished and then permanently removed.

We then reported on July 20, that the Welcome to Walt Disney World signage including Mickey and Minnie at Hotel Plaza Blvd and SR 535 was also being removed.

Walt Disney World Sign, Bioreconstruct
Image: @Bioreconstruct

In the case of the DVC sign on East Buena Vista Drive we are hoping to see workers painting it in the very near future as demolishing yet another sign so quickly would just seem cruel!