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Does Universal’s E.T. Adventure At Universal Studios Florida Smell Different To You?

There has been an ongoing saga as to whether the classic E.T. Adventure at Universal Studios Florida should remain or be replaced but today we are not talking about that, we are taking about something as simple as the smell of it.

In the last few days there have been a number of reports online including a tweet from Storybook Amusement which is embedded below, saying that the smell of E.T. Adventure has changed. The main change is rumored to be the scent in the forest which appears to have changed from the “signature musty smell to a much stronger, almost like cologne-type sensation.” It has been described as being similar to a scent you would find in a candle shop.

There are also reports of the smell of the first Green Planet scene now being more smokey like a barbecue. It is suspected that the company used to supply the scents for E.T. Adventure has gone out of business but looking at a reply from Universal Orlando Resort they say the scents haven’t changed so it is all a little confusing.

There is now speculation online that we may see further changes to the smell of E.T. Adventure at Universal Studios Florida in the near future.

E.T Adventure Universal Studios
Image: Universal

All we currently know is that things don’t appear to be quite right at E.T. Adventure. If you are interested in our thoughts on why we think E.T. Adventure doesn’t need replacing then check out our featured article, 5 Reasons Why Universal’s E.T. Adventure Doesn’t Need To Be Replaced. We also took a deep dive into the partnership between Universal and Steven Speilberg in our article, Universal Vs Spielberg: Debunking The Rumored E.T Adventure Clause of Steven Spielberg’s Creative Consultant Contract.

Have you noticed different smells when riding this iconic attraction at Universal Studios Florida? Let us know your thoughts by leaving us a comment below or on our Facebook page.