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    Disney Vs Universal, If You Could Only Choose ONE To Visit Which Would It Be?

    This week we heard the news that Universal Orlando Resort will be hiring 2500 new Team Members which shows us that Universal is certainly looking to forge ahead in 2022 after the difficulties it has faced over the last couple of years due to COVID-19.

    It was also announced at the end of January that Universal Orlando Resort’s third gate, Epic Universe is set to open ready for Summer 2025. Are they pushing to be top spot in the Disney Vs Universal battle?

    Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure, Universal
    Image: Universal

    The rivalry between Disney and Universal has always been clearly evident and for us as guests that is great because it means each company is forced to keep pushing the boundaries to create better and better attractions and experiences in order to entice people to visit and stay longer.

    In recent months with the addition of Genie+ and Lightning Lanes at Walt Disney World and the taking away of perks such as Disney’s Magical Express we have begun to see a shifting of opinion. If you had asked theme park fans a few years ago the question, Walt Disney World or Universal Orlando Resort, I think majority would have opted for Walt Disney World. However, some loyal Disney fans are getting fed up and frustrated and the natural thing to then do is to look elsewhere for your theme park fix.

    Let’s not forget, however, that we have the much anticipated Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind debuting this Summer at EPCOT and we are awaiting news of when we can look forward to the official opening of TRON Lightcycle/ Run at Magic Kingdom.

    Guardians of the Galaxy, Disney
    Image: Disney

    Don’t get me wrong, Universal Orlando Resort has always been popular and with the addition of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter this secured the resort for most as a must-do attraction in Orlando.

    Some readers have said that I sound ridiculous for talking about magic when writing about Walt Disney World. I guess for me whenever I visited a Disney park whether it was Walt Disney World or Disneyland Paris it always felt magical to me. The feeling comes from the music, the ambience, the Cast Members, the parades and the attractions.

    Mickey Magical Friendship, Disney
    Image: Disney

    Many people have commented that the magical feeling in the parks has declined in the last couple of years. Yes, magic isn’t a matter of fact business operation or customer interaction but I think it is that magical feeling that has always set Disney apart from the other theme parks. It always felt that it had soul and heart and when I visit Walt Disney World soon and I am hoping that remains in tact.
    Some people will say you can’t compare Disney with Universal and of course everyone has their own opinion but I thought as we head through 2022 it would be good to give people the opportunity to have a go at voicing their opinions on two of the top theme park resorts in the world…


    Walt Disney World, Disney
    Image: Disney

    It is simple, one vote, Disney Vs Universal, If You Could Only Choose ONE To Visit Which Would It Be?

    • Walt Disney World
    • Universal Orlando Resort

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