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Disney Sells Access to Cinderella Castle Suite for $12,000

The Cinderella Castle Dream Suite at the Magic Kingdom is one of the most sought-after hotel rooms in the world, dramatically placed in the heart of the iconic castle in the center of the Most Magical Place on Earth. In the past, guests had to be either very lucky, or a celebrity, to get the chance to check out this amazing room, which is a rather compact 650 square feet, and features two beds, a sitting area, and the most magical bathroom in history. However, it looks like Disney is opening the doors to the Cinderella Castle Dream Suite to the 1%…but there are a few catches, even at this high price point…

Introducing the World of Dreams VIP tour

Image: Disney

Though Disney already offers a fairly inclusive VIP Tour option that includes front of the line attraction access, food, and your own tour guide, if money is truly no object and you can afford more than $400 per hour on your Disney experience, a new higher-than-high-end VIP tour has been announced that just might fit your needs.

Called “World of Dreams” this new tour costs a bank-busting $12,000 (for up to six guests) for a single day, and $10,000 for each additional day. So what do you get for this insane price?

Interestingly, most of the perks for this new offering look a lot like the standard VIP tour mentioned previously, including backstage access and transportation both inside the park and from park to park (so you don’t have to worry about waiting for busses or elbowing your way through a crowded hub in the middle of the day) as well as front of the line attraction access.

Image: Disney

In addition, all meals, snacks, and drinks (even “some” alcohol) are included, and guests can choose from any restaurant on property to dine at, no reservations necessary. VIP tour guests are also able to view any Walt Disney World nighttime spectacular of their choice from a special reserved area.

And while this is all pretty spectacular, if you’re looking for what makes the top-tier World of Dreams VIP Tour worth $12,000 (well, according to Disney at least), read on… 

The extra special, extra special treatment

Castle suite fireplace

Image: Disney

Beyond all of the “basic” VIP amenities mentioned previously, the new World of Dreams tour also includes an extra VIP tour guide (so you’ll have two Cast Members with you all day insitead of just one), and perhaps most importantly, a tour of the Cinderella Castle Dream Suite. Guests will be able to enter this previously off-limits space, and learn about the history of this room while checking out all the amazing magical details contained inside this iconic room.

This is the first time that Disney has made access to the Cinderella Castle Dream Suite available for purchase, but it is very interesting that guests, no matter how wealthy, apparently still can’t pay to sleep in this iconic suite. And while that could change in the future, at least for right now, it looks like the experience of spending a night in this room is still reserved only for the very famous and very lucky. 

Will wealthy guests really pay $12,000 for a VIP day at Walt Disney World?

Image: Disney

Right now, we’d guess that $12,000 for a day at Walt Disney World probably won’t be an appealing proposition for almost any Walt Disney World visitors, even those who could spare that massive chunk of change. However, though this tour might not be that popular initially (even with the Cinderella Castle Dream Suite exclusive experience), we can definitely see more guests looking for high end experiences once Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is open. Just like Disney is experimenting with selling FastPass+ reservations and paid-for early access to new lands, we’d imagine that this new premium offering will be very popular for wealthy guests who want to take a day trip down to Orlando to check out what many predict will be the most popular new land opening at Walt Disney World, without having to deal with the throngs of people that are expected to show up in the coming years to check out this new land. 

If you are interested (and have $12,000 just burning a hole in your pocket), the World of Dreams VIP Tour is actually available to book now. Tours must be reserved at least a week in advance though, so if you’re planning a last minute trip to Walt Disney World, you might want to check out the regular ol’ VIP Tours instead.