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    Disney Parks in Shanghai and Hong Kong Could be Closed for MONTHS

    Last month Disney made the unprecedented step of closing its theme parks in Shanghai and Hong Kong in response to the growing public health threat in China due to the Coronavirus. And though Disney didn’t provide a re-opening timeframe for these theme parks after their initial closure, a new report seems to suggest that it might be a VERY long time before another guest is able to enter Shanghai Disney Resort or Hong Kong Disneyland. 

    Coronavirus reported to keep parks closed until Spring at least 

    According to The Hollywood Reporter, most entertainment exhibitors in China, including theaters, performance halls, and theme parks, are not expecting to reopen until this spring, with movie theaters specifically cancelling almost all releases in February and pushing back some March releases as well. And unfortunately, we’d imagine that as long as other major entertainment venues are closed in China, theme parks will also remain closed, which could be a big problem for Disney and also have a rippling effect at Walt Disney World. 

    Could we see budget cuts as a result at Walt Disney World?


    Though nothing has been specifically confirmed, if Disney is losing revenue from Hong Kong and Shanghai, some have speculated that belt-tightening could happen at Disney’s US-based parks as a result. And because last year’s budget cuts at Disneyland are still in effect on the West Coast, it seems likely that Walt Disney Would could would bear the brunt of cost-saving changes in the near future as a result of these closures, which may include later openings at theme parks, earlier closings, and reduced staffing at retail shops and restaurants. 

    More operations changes coming to Tokyo Disneyland 

    Right now Tokyo Disneyland is the only Disney park in Asia that is operating. However, there have been a lot of operations changes at this park in response to the Coronavirus outbreak. Last week the resort installed signage urging guests to wash hands frequently and to report any illness to a Cast Member. They also allowed Cast Members to wear protective face masks while working in the park, which was a first for the resort. And now it looks like all face character meet and greets are being discontinued for the time being in an effort to further protect guests and Cast Members. 

    Hong Kong Disneyland Resort progresses towards full shutdown

    Though Hong Kong Disneyland park has been closed since last week, this resort was able to keep hotel and restaurant facilities operational for the time being. However, effective today, this resort’s restaurants are all closed, leaving only the hotels open for now. 

    Though it is impossible to know how long these closures and changes will last at Disney parks in Asia, the situation is a very serious one, and the local government and health officials are doing all they can to stop the spread of this terrible disease.