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In-Depth Photo Construction Update of VelociCoaster at Universal Studios Florida

It has been a month since we last updated you on the current progress of the now officially named VelociCoaster at Universal Studios Florida. Testing began in mid September with the first safety pull through of the track being done with two cars. The two cars were cleverly covered by tarps with the InGen logo on them so as to not give any hint as to what they will look like.

It was originally floated that this ride would open in early 2021 but due to the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 this may be pushed back. However, with the rate at which construction is happening on this highly anticipated coaster based on the iconic Jurassic Park theme, it looks like Universal are doing everything they can to get this ride finished ready for 2021.

Jurassic Park Coaster, James Peters
Image: James Peters

There has been an in-depth construction update posted on thecoasterkings.com which is packed full of photos from different angles of the new coaster to show the latest developments that have taken place this month.

The track has been completed for some time and is a spectacle with its top hat element which is a real focal point of the coaster. New walls, midways and queuing have appeared around the rollercoaster and Jurassic Park Discovery Center. Work is being done on what is being called the super structure located by the second launch. Netting on many parts of the coaster has been put into place and details have been added to the exit of the tunnel.

The theming for this ride is set to be spectacular with towering rockwork, greenery which will surround the structures of steel as well as mature foliage. Universal are renown for their heavily themed and immersive attractions and based on what is currently being seen on VelociCoaster I am certain this new coaster will not disappoint.

Let us know what you think about the latest developments by adding a comment below or on our Facebook Page. We will keep you up to date on the latest news from Universal Studios Florida on this exciting project in the weeks and months leading up to it’s opening.