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Complete Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley Guide: The Interactive Elements

Wands that “cast spells”, talking heads on the Knight Bus and many more interactive elements are expected to form part of Universal Studios Florida’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley.

The spring 2014 debut of the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley is fast approaching, and excitement among Potter fans is reaching feverish levels. Most of the discussion has been centered around the new land’s two headline rides – the Hogwarts Express and a roller coaster themed around Gringotts Bank, as well as the various shops and restaurants that will form part of its line-up.

The rides will draw in guests, and the shops will get them spending. But Universal wants to go much further to make Diagon Alley a truly immersive experience. The original Wizarding World at Islands of Adventure is full of “easter eggs” that guests can discover and watch passively (such as the mandrake plants in the window of the Dogweed and Deathcap storefront). In Diagon Alley, though, these hidden secrets are widely expected to become interactive.


Rumors have been circulating for months that the most popular merchandise item from the original Wizarding World – the wands sold by Ollivanders and the Owl Post – will be taken to a new level in the Wizarding World. According to Theme Park Insider’s Robert Niles (the source of several reliable previous leaks about the land), they will be equipped with RFID chips, enabling them to trigger effects and animations at various different points in the land.

Walt Disney World, of course, has already pioneered the use of RFID in its parks with its MagicBands. Niles, though, claims that Universal will push the boundaries further, going beyond simple triggers and enabling the wands to perform additional functions at home, too.

Universal has yet to officially discuss the wands, but it’s not difficult to imagine the possibilities. Different wands could trigger different “spells” – making collecting a range of them even more desirable. The Ollivanders show in Diagon Alley, meanwhile, could be far more exciting and unique to each guest than the existing show in Hogsmeade.

The Phone Booth

What’s this tucked away in front of Charing Cross Road? It’s a traditional British Telecom phone booth. Something that warms my heart, as I worked for BT for 9 years!

Phone booth

In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry is dragged before a court at the Ministry of Magic, accused of using magic in front of “muggles”. To access the Ministry, Arthur Weasley and Harry must enter a secret code into a telephone keypad – 62442. The letters underneath those numbers on a standard phone pad spell out “magic”.

The phone booth is a perfect photo spot – and also a place for Universal to hide an “easter egg” or two triggered by a “phone” inside.

The Knight Bus

Knight Bus

The Knight Bus, a prominent feature on the waterfront of the new Diagon Alley, will feature talking heads that will converse with guests. That has been all-but-confirmed by a recent casting call, in which Universal Orlando invited people to: “Prepare a one-minute monologue in a British or Caribbean accent.” The call for British, as well as Caribbean, accents suggests that other characters will be brought to life, too.

The setup is likely to be similar to that for the fountain in Islands of Adventure’s Lost Continent area, with the actors being located in a hidden control room and using cameras and microphones to enable the interaction with guests.

The Dragon

Just as Hogwarts Castle provides the iconic image of the original Wizarding World, Gringotts Bank will provide the “money shot” in Diagon Alley. Sitting atop the bank will be an enormous animatronic dragon, which will actually breathe fire. Expect the dragon to appear in millions of photos by the end of 2014.

Gringotts Dragon

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