Disney doesn’t have a Princess & The Frog ride because they focus on it on the cruises. Same with The Little Mermaid...

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Imagineers did use Cranium Command as part of the inspiration for Inside Out, so you're not too far off there.

So pleased you mentioned Hercules - great Disney movie and such a shame it doesn't get much recognition within the parks.

Perhaps Disney isn't doing anything with Pocahontas because the movie was grossly inaccurate in its representation of history? I'm not positive, but I've heard that Mulan was also inaccurate.

While "print the legend" may have worked in The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence, a large attraction based upon Disney-fied history could be/would be/should become a public relations nightmare.

Tarzan needs to be represented more. Yes, they used to have a stage show at Animal Kingdom, emphasis on used to, but that ended over 10 years ago. When I was there last year, pretty much the only merchandise I could find was a pin. I agree with Hercules as well.

They should re-open the Wonders of Life pavillion in Epcot and set up Inside Out there. The previous attraction Cranium Command was incredibly similar to the movie.

Alantas and Treasure planet have no love either!

Always thought Wreck It Ralph would make a great attraction.

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