Every year I introduce a class of 2nd Graders to Mr. Toad and his friends via a couple of great picture books and later as a celebration the fun Disney video. They are always fascinated and thrilled by the stories! I show them pictures from the Storybook boats and tell them about Mr. Toad's wild ride and how lucky we are to still have ours (we are about 6 hours away by car). I hope they all get to ride it some day in DL! Long live Mr. Toad!

The ride lives on in Disneyland Paris....did the article mention this?!?!
It's great

Mr. Toad was my mother's favorite ride at Disney World when we went every Fall as kids. She grew up in Florida, and her class went to the very first Senior Night and got to hear Paul Revere and the Raiders in the pouring rain.

I live on the West Coast now, and my parents came out to visit me for a dream-fulfilling trip to Disneyland last year. My surprise for my mother: taking her on their still up and running Mr. Toad! She was really excited, and it was as bizarre and wild a ride as ever.

Thanks for this article about the history of these awesome rides, it's really interesting to know what was going on behind the scenes!

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride is one of the few rides I still vividly remember from visiting the Magic Kingdom as a 6 year old back in 1974 (the other being The Haunted Mansion). I rode this ride with my dad, and can remember my reaction to the car suddenly turning onto the tracks into the path of an oncoming train! Thankfully the ride is still at Disneyland, and I hope to revisit it some day.

Mr. Toad's Wild Ride was a classic. As a kid that last section always freaked me out. But I have fond memories of it along with 20,000 Leagues and the old Eastern sponsored IF YOU HAD WINGS ride, which was the predecessor to Dreamflight.

Disney today is a very different experience from what it was when I was a kid. While I don't mind some of the character replacements (e.g. As a big fan of Lilo and Stitch I was very happy to see Alien Encounter get redeveloped to feature Stitch), I do long for the old Disney World experience and get nostalgic from time to time.

Living in Hong Kong now, the Disney park here lacks my favourite experiences from the Magic Kingdom, namely the Haunted Mansion and the Carousel of Progress.

We rode it in 1996, and it scared my 3 year old nearly to death! The rest of us (two adults and a 9 year old) loved it. For the 9 year old, riding it without being scared felt to him like a rite of passage. He was so hoping for the time when his younger brother could ride it without fear. *sigh*

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