I just hope what ever they open up in HS & AK they take much better considerations for the handicap, people with mobility issues (ie: bad knees / leg issues) and those who are of slightly larger proportions. Dwarfs Mine Train is tight as ______, cramped carnival type amusement park ride design.

One thing that's always bothered me about Star Wars Land at Disney was, why didn't they move it into future world at EPCOT. There's WAY more room there and it just sorta "fit".

I have to disagree with some of the predictions. The first disagreement has to do with Hollywood Studios potential future. Pandora is the reason that Animal Kingdom is going to become a full day park. And it doesn't have the base that Star Wars does. Not even close. What will happen is simple. Star Wars land if done properly is going to be a 365 day a year ComiCon.... let's not forget Disney DOES own Marvel. And they cannot do anything right now with that...but given that Star Wars Land won't be "fully operational" (see what I did there?) until 2021.... that is right around when Disney begins getting their Marvel rights of character use in Florida (they have it for California) back. So... I believe this blogger flushed the toilet way too soon. The reality is with Toy STory Land you will attract kids and teens, Star Wars Land will be an across the demographic and when you add in the future of Marvel? It's going to be a sole destination park. Star Wars fans span age ranges, want experiences that they currently cannot have, and are well known for spending money. I would venture a guess that like Dapper Days, and the Halloween Party at MK, you will also see Dressing like SW characters events. The potential for this is endless as drawing in a fanbase that is gigantic and loyal. Even when no product or current day relevance exists. And I believe that is why they are targeting that brand and audience.

In the 80s Disney learned a harsh lesson about not removing rides. I'm not sure how many remember but there was certainly a point where kids and adults felt Disney was "played out", "cheesy", and "unoriginal". Eisner did a lot to turn that around during his tenure. Removing low performing or no longer cutting edge rides keeps the park fresh. While I don't think you will ever see icons (like Dumbo) removed, I would venture to say anything hinted at dated that has no current "relevance" will always be in danger of a retooling or removal.

I'm thrilled Star Wars Weekends are cancelled! I always go to Disney around the same time, the first weekend of June, when the event is going on. Will be nice to experience the Studios without it being Star Wars chaotic.

The new Star Wars movies better be AMAZING or this is going to hurt DHS

I agree that the park needs more attractions. But if you look at the past with the Hogsmeade area, it saved Islands. And that was essentially 1 new ride. As long as Disney takes risks with the rides themselves it can be very successful. When Disney doesn't take risks it fails, just look at the Fantasyland Expansion for proof of that.
Immersion into the land will also play a large role. I know many people that don't even ride Gringotts yet say Diagon Alley is their favorite area in any park. If Disney can make a truly immersive land that people enjoy being in then the lack of a couple sub-par attractions won't be that big of a deal.
I personally feel that Toy Story Land will not be successful because it lacks many of the keys to immersive design: Culture, Music, and Lore. Star Wars has all this, so it has great potential.

Poor muppet vision..... It's my favorite show. How much longer do you think It'll have?

The aspect that keeps bothering me is that everyone reports that WDW advantage over Universal and all the other theme parks is space - it owns lots of it, over 25,000 acres!

So why do we find that with every new ride / experience an existing ride has to be demolished? It would seem to make more sense to simply grow into all this extra space and spread the parks out more because let’s face it, the crowds are only getting bigger as reported by recorded attendance figures this year again.

I can only assume that WDW does not apply this tactic as they want to keep operating costs (maintenance, staff etc) down and to a minimum. So the only way we 'customers' will ever benefit from all this space is from more hotels and more shops. I know we all benefit from the correct balance of rides, parks shops, hotels but right at the core of all this is the theme parks so this is what needs to grow, not the shareholders pockets!

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