One ride through one of Disneylands cats was walking around in the middle of the Africa scene (the one with the sleeping zebra). Without missing a beat the driver stops and points it out and starts talking about fake looking the cat is and how they really should update that animatronic and apologized for the poor quality of the cat. We then rounded the corner where there was a duck swimming. He started screaming that it's real and that he had been kidding before but this time we were in real danger and made everyone get down. Hands down the best run through I've ever had!

When leaving the attraction, the Skipper said to a girl with red hair, "If you dry your hair after you wash it, it won't rust as bad." I'm sure it is not an "official" part of the script, but it is the most memorable line from that ride.

As you exit the boat be careful not to step on any children. Be careful to choose the one you WANT to step on and step only on him.

We were held up by a delay in reaching the dock so our skipper laid this one on us: "Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to your house. Knock knock. Who's there? The chicken." I'm still laughing.

We’ve now turned down the Nile River and if you don’t believe that you must be in denial

My favorite line(s) while I was logging in hours behind the wheel of a jungle boat, was when I was piloting the "rope boat." Well, what's a rope boat, you ask? It's the only boat that gets tethered to the dock during loading/unloading procedures, and it's done at the unloading dock. After the boat is tethered, the devilishly handsome skipper (that's me) throws the boat in full throttle forward causing the rope to get taught (and who said you can't teach an old rope new tricks?) This boat is used for those who are able to transfer from a wheelchair or need further assistance on a boat. These people are very lucky, as I point out . . . "Welcome aboard the extended director's cut edition of the World Famous Jungle Cruise! Now with 55ft of extra dock! On your right, you'll see the largest cannibal holding facility in the world, and we're gonna stop right here and fill the rest of the boat with some of them. Hope you don't mind."

What a great article. By far the one I've enjoyed the most that you've written of late. Thanks for the great back stories and information. Love it!

"...and here is the waterfall; about the only thing at Disney World that isn't 'Frozen.'"

I know I'm a pedant, but Bill Evans didn't deal with the flora and fauna, he just dealt with the flora. Flora means plants, fauna means animals.

At WDW Jungle Cruise I once heard a joke that I only heard that time and never again. As we were entering the cave the skipper said, "I wonder what's in that cave ahead, it looks scary. Let's be honest folks, this is Disney World so it's probably a gift shop". Makes me laugh to this day.

"Ladies and gentlemen as you exit the boat please watch your step. If you don't, please watch your head. And if you won't watch your head please watch your language."

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