I always thought that Las Vegas would have been a better fit for this park.

I really enjoyed reading this article. As a fan of rock music I would have loved this park. It's a shame it closed and seeing how rock music is waning in popularity these days, this is probably the last time there would be a park themed around bands like Led Zeppelin.

Great article! It just seems to me that a feasibility study was the missing piece of the puzzle here. Do you know if one was commissioned or did they just wing it? Either way I can't see how a savvy investor could fail to miss the odd mixture of rock and roll with the bible belt. That's like giving the green light to open a Miley Cyrus themed land at Dollyworld.

WoW! You did an enormous amount of work on this. Very interesting. Thank you. I really enjoyed reading it.

I have never even heard of this. Poor marketing, indeed.

It would have been a great addition to this article to interview those involved with the project. Jon was/is still one of the most creative people I've ever met, and Steve Baker has deep roots in the theme park industry. It would be interesting to know why they made the decisions they did regarding the marketing and pricing as well as the view of who their audience was to be. As for the second season, why did the operators add so many family flat rides? What was their pricing structure. And how did the guests who did attend like the park? What were their comments.
The Hard Rock Park was a creative success, but missed in their marketing and timing. It's an educational story that could use more inspection and discussion.

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