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Glad you figured it out before the wedding! I too was married to someone who was ambivalent about Disney, it sort of speaks of his whole demeanor in general. And my now husband and I are season pass holders :) Best wishes.

What great advice!! I hope he too falls in love with all things Disney!

That is really a nice article, nice to read but nicer to think about. Thanks for publishing.

My very first trip to Disney was in 2013, at age 27, with my then-fiancé. This was my trip, and I paid for it. He was miserable and complained the whole time, eventually holing himself up in our room while I went out and explored. It changed my life, as it helped me decide that I didn't want to live like that. I broke the engagement (there were a lot of other issues, too). But, before you feel sorry for me, I've found a wonderful gentleman who will be accompanying me to Disney in August, and I already can tell this trip will be much, much better.
Never, ever marry somebody you can't travel with.

What matters to one person is subjective, and if you compare the number of visitors to Moma versus Disneyworld, I'd better Disney wins. It is a wonderful place that crosses generations, creates beautiful memories; I get teary just walking under the train tracks on to Main Street. Great article.

Fantastic Report! An inspiring and rewarding read - thanks as always.

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