Sir the reality is none of the tank is outdoors. The facility is completely enclosed. I ought to know I worked there as a diver the first four years it was open.

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agree.. Even worse they stole them from the wild and removed them from their pod.

This would certainly make me feel much happier if that was the case but I can't find any evidence of an outside tank at all. Even a quick glance on Google earth doesn't seem to show any sort of outdoor tank (which should be obvious from satellite pictures)

Also all info I can gain from the internet (websites/interviews with staff) suggests that there is no outside tank. So please tell me where i can find FACTS that there is an outside tank please.

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While I don't have specifics on the dolphins, please know that what you can see as a guest is only a TINY percentage of what you CAN'T SEE going on back stage. Meaning that those dolphins, if an open air tank is required according to the AZA, have one. Having animals in captivity at all is a second debate, but I can guarantee the AZA isn't recertifying them every year if the health standards are not met!

i have dived with Dive Quest many times and is my all time favorite thing to do at Disney. It is something you will never forget! A couple of things about it:
1) all the money they collect to do Dive Quest goes into their Environmental Fund. They don't get a cent of it.
2) at the end, they give you a dvd of your dive and a recycled T- shirt.
3) ask the divers and they will show you some cool tricks like laying on the bottom of the tank and letting the Sharks swim right over you.
Yes, you do swim with sharks! It's awesome! Thanks!

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You obviously don't know what you are talking about being a large portion of the tank is outdoors and they have the choice if they want inside or outside try again.

Dolphins at Epcot? This is news to me and if I'm honest I'm shocked, it just seems so cruel. The Seas is completely indoors and no section of it is outside. Having dolphins indoors for the whole of their lives is like they're in prison. I guess they don't have any fresh air either?

These are extremely intelligent mammals, what the heck are they doing keeping them in a tank indoors all their lives!?

Poor choice Disney. I don't think they should keep the dolphins, let them go or give them to a aquarium with outdoor pools.

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