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For future reference, you can always order the kids meal. Don't let them tell you otherwise. You just have to also order the adult meal. but given that it's a fixed price it doesn't really matter. My sister and I ( both close to 30 ) went to Garden Grill dinner and got the regular meal and also chicken nuggets and mac and cheese and french fries. You just have to ask. They can't tell you no because of age.

I must be the only one who didn't care for the garden grille. If I had younger kids yes, but 14/15 year olds not really worth it, food wise. I believe anyone over 11 must pay adult price, which is 1. Ridiculous 2. Not worth it,considering the food is adult tastes. The atmosphere and service and characters were amazing. After I mentioned the food issue, the manager came out was amazing actually have us kid friendly food that I couldn't order because of their age. I suggested raising the age limit to 15, considering most kids don't eat adult type food. She even refunded me the cost of the two kids adult meals. She said we don't want anyone to leave Disney unhappy with their experience....

We went to the Garden Grill three years ago on our first/last trip. We are leaving to go again in a few days and that is one of 2 repeat character meals for us. Chip and Dale were so much fun and they came around multiple times. The other repeat is Crystal Palace. Both my youngest daughter and I are HUGE Eeyore fans so this is a much do. They even have a mini "parade" with the kids in there.

Sorry, Emily - that was a typo that has now been fixed.

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Thanks Jennifer - this typo has now been fixed.

Hey I noticed when describing garden grill, you said Goofy was a character. Is that new? Because the last two times I went there this past year it was always Mickey, Chip and Dale, and Pluto...

Thank you for including Cape May!!!! We didn't really know much about CM before booking a table and later we found out it was a buffet breakfast and considered canceling. I am so glad we didn't, the food was so good my husband wanted to back almost every day. Another perk was that it was really crowded, we had lots of time with the characters.

Garden Grill does not have Goofy at the meal, it has Pluto. I'd hate for a Goofy fan to read the article and think they can see him there.

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