I worked at IOA when it first opened. I remember the original Poseidon ride/walk-thru and it was truly amazing. I wish they'd bring that one back.

I also got stuck on Imaginations once when I was a kid. That song on repeat will never be forgotten. I loved Figment and the newest versions are just no where near as good.

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An excellent point.Though the Disneyland Haunted Mansion has regular periods of short lines, even no line. I can't imagine they would even consider removing this classic. The uproar would be earth rending.

I always chuckle when people talk about how great the original Imagination ride was. Don't get me wrong, my family and I loved it but it was always a walk-on. Always. If people loved it so much, why wasn't it ever busy? As soon as it was gone, it was everyone's favorite. I'm not surprised that Disney was looking to replace a ride that really didn't have much foot traffic.

When Epcot opened in the early 1980's, I was about 7 years old. The only ride I was entertained by was Journey into Imagination. It was so beautifully thought out and charming with that great song I can still hear in my head right now. Even in Disney World, where it's a constant struggle to keep up with the future and not fall behind the times, I still think the original version would have stood the test of time. In my opinion, they should either bring it back as close to the original version as possible (after all, the ImageWorks is intact behind locked doors), or start over completely with a whole new concept.

I loved the original Poseidon's Fury. Much better than the corny new story.
In the original you found Atlantis. I heard Disney had the right to the movie Atlantis and made Universal change it.

Triceratops in the Triceratops Encounter are definitely NOT there anymore. After going back into the three huts, they're all gone. One got taken apart. One got shipped to Japan's universal studios and the other is in storage.

If journey to imagination is limping along in Disney opinion. ..it's simple stop fixing things that are not broken. A new ride always gets more attention and That's what keeps us coming back...but we are REALLY there for our old Disney favorites!!!! Put journey back to it's original and see it become the popular attraction it was my kids are 26 and 29 NOW figment is still one of their favorite! And the original journey you are making to many change to the old attractions people remnemeber as kids and when they are gone so are those visitors.

I love the storybook version of Sinbad. Looks like Tokyo is the place to be.

There were cool little individual boats at the Contemporary Resort that looked like big innertubes and had small engines. They were contained in a small area poolside and you didn't take them out on the larger lake. It was like bumper cars on the water!! We loved them and always think about them when we are at DW.

We visited IOA during its first soft-open in '99. It was amazing...and almost completely empty. It was great for us, though. We did Poseidon and Triceratops Encounter. I remember enjoying both, but particularly remember TE. It truly seemed like a living Triceratops. What aided illusion was that one thinks of them as slow, lumbering creatures. It's movements, therefore, were slow, and you had to keep reminding yourself it was robotic. My mind kept saying otherwise.

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