You also have to remember Radiator Springs is the best attraction at a lackluster park. You put RS in DHS and I believe it will be out shone by some of the other existing and future attractions. Magic Kingdom could simply re theme their Tomorrowland cars to the movie Cars. Or revamp that ride and cut it off from Tomorrowland and place it within the borders of Fantasyland. But a car ride at DHS which not only needs an overhaul but needs to shine and compete with Universal, isn't enough. It takes up so much space too in CA. They can do something more amazing with that space where the tram ride was taken out, rip.

BTW Universal will be opening a new Kong ride next year. So Disney better get with it. Star Wars, Pixar, Tron, whatever it may be, just do it. Will start to look bad if they are still renovating DHS when a huge movie character Kong has opened across town. Hope the execs are reading!

In reply to by Cat (not verified)

They, also, need to return the bands that were just let go who were a big draw to World Showcase: Off Kilter, Mo' Rockin, American Fife & Drum & the World Showcase Players. Disney needs to update the attractions in Epcot & add more countries, not take out what was successful & working only to be replaced with "country fair type entertainment". I can go to the country fairs for $10.00 & see that. When I pay Disney prices, I want Disney quality entertainment. Some of the rides mentioned will NOT go over if Disney doesn't step their game up in the appropriate manner. Universal is winning at this point .

In reply to by ProThough89 (not verified)

I totally agree!! This comment also provided me with a few works during my work day, too! :)

In reply to by Stuart (not verified)

Stuart, you are obviously a Star Wars geek. I personally never liked any of the movies. Poorly made, atrocious acting, nothing good to say about the series. If you think they will turn Hollywood Studios into some giant tribute to Star Wars, don't hold your breath. I believe you will see a large Disney/Pixar presence in the updated theme park. There will also be some additional Star Wars influence. Just not to the point that they might as well rename the park "Star Wars Land".

In reply to by DonD (not verified)

Here's a newsflash for you DonD, people still DO flock to the parks. We are Florida residents and annual passholders. We have been to WDW 9 times since the end of May, the latest trip being a 3 day trip this past week. I'm here to tell you the parks have been anywhere from very busy to OMG, close the gates! Disney is not taking a backseat to Universal or any other theme park in attendance figures. While millions of people come from every corner of the US and all over the world just to visit WDW, many more come for sporting events and professional business and educational conferences held at Disney World venues, things Universal cannot offer. Other theme parks will never be able to unseat WDW as the most popular travel destination in the world.

A possible solution to importing Radiator Springs Racers is to base the Florida version on the sequel, which has a number of night time and indoor scenes which could be used as a replacement storyline for a more dark ride oriented version.

In reply to by Dude (not verified)

I think you are seriously delusional. Disney has many thousands of acres of land they can use in the future while Universal has no such luxury. Universal is destined to be like many other theme parks across the country who, when they need to add a ride to keep the park "fresh", will HAVE to close and demolish other areas/rides to make room.
Walt Disney was a genious in sending his subordinates to Florida to buy large tracts of land to build WDW on. Universal had no such foresight. They are limited in the space they have available for expansion. In fact, I would venture a guess that they don't have much room left now. Universal will never be as big or have as many theme parks, hotels or anything else as Disney.

Comparing Universal to Disney is pointless. Disney has them beat easily. The ride quality at Disney is so much higher than Universal. Most of Universal rides are of the sit in a chair that moves in front of a projection-ed screen variety. Where you may find one at each Disney park you find three or four at each Universal park (2 in the Harry Potter land alone). Also the experience of a Disney Ride from the start of the line up to the end of the ride is far superior. Then throw in the cost for a family of four and the competition is over. You get a lot more value per dollar spent at Disney. I am happy they are updating the Studios as it needs to be done. I hoping for more Star Wars then Pixar stuff though.

In reply to by ProThough89 (not verified)

Have you been to DCA? Cars Land is HUGELY popular and Radiator Springs Racers never has a line less than an hour long. Disney movies are timeless, which is why they can create rides like The Seven Dwarves Mine Train nearly 80 years after the movie was released. Those Pixar rides use limited space in an area meant for kids. A Bugs Land is still successful with families and it is based on the least successful Pixar movie.

i agree with many of the above post. DHS is in a major need of overhaul. i went two weeks ago and it is a half day park. i felt like tower terror and star tours and the rides were done for the day. there is no reason why they should not make a more adult park. all the other parks are for kids and a park geared for adults is really needed. i think people are right to a degree. comparing with universal studios, it maybe not crowd size or attendance it comes down to reputation. universals new rides make DHS sad. honestly, the first thing i did when i came home from my last DHS visit was to look up universal studios. many people i talk to from other parks of amercia said they are now coming to central florida to see Harry Potter. like it or not, this does need to be addressed with the very lack luster , boring, rides at DHS. I love the thought someone had earlier of making a Star Wars theme park with hotels and all else. That idea would be a huge when and the rides would be endless. Whatever is done, i do hope for about a 90 % increase in some E-ticket rides. it would be nice to have a reason to have to use fast pass at a disney hollywood studio ( DHS) park. I'm praying for sorcerer mickey to create some new ride magic.

In reply to by Dude (not verified)

The appeal of Harry Potter can only go so far as well. While the franchise is looking at a new storyline, the original movie is 13 years old. Also, Universal has nowhere near as much land as Disney is Florida. They will never be able to compete in the amount of parks and lodging that Disney already has. If DHS is the competitor for Universal, Disney has nothing to worry about. Once there is a Star Wars Land, Harry Potter will have a hard time competing.

unfortunately bringing all these other themed rides would just make a mockery of the park really i think they should just go all out and have a star wars theme massive area that just continues on from Star Tours ride.
i mean when you look at all that's possible with a star wars theme the ride list could be endless even the area designs are endless they have what 3 - 4 planets they could choose from and a couple of space battleships aswell.
i know Disney loves their Pixar movies and all but i really don't think it fits in with what they currently have at the park already. it would end up being a total mish-mash of randomness that would make the area look messy and chaotic
i know they have to keep kids in mind but aswell as kids there are a lot of adults who go aswell it seems like 80% of the ride ideas they have in this list are directed at kids and 20% directed at an older audience.

If they change one of the rides, I would have to say by the looks of it that the Radiator Springs Racers. Also In Epcot I heard they will be adding a frozen ride.

And Sears used to be the largest retailer in the world. It is not the short game that Universal is playing. They are looking to keep putting in rides every year. Of course it will be a long time before they are on the same level, but it can happen, and will happen if Disney continues to be so generic with their new rides.

As a florida resident and a long time AP, I always looked at MGM/Hollywood studios as a 1/2 day park, being in my 50s now I don't go on the thrill rides anymore and I am still bored at this park, Fine make it Disney's Hollywood whatever and build Cars Land and Monsters Inc rides, and I don't understand why they put Avartar in AK it's a movie right? Dedicate the park to movies, Expand Star Wars, but please don't over do it, it's getting old to me.As far as the hat goes, bring over some of the icons from AllStars Movies Resort, just get it done. This park needs help

Disney's MGM Studio or whatever it's called now has always been more of an "adult" themed park from the beginning. I think they should keep it more of an adult themed park & keep them kids at The magic Kingdom.

In reply to by ILuvCrush (not verified)

I agree with you because I love crush's coaster. Went to disneyland Paris last month and it was the ride i enjoyed the most. The only problem I can see with bringing it to America is that seemingly has low capacity - only 4 people in a shell. It had the longest wait time of any ride out of both parks the whole time we were there. Maybe if they build two tracks.

In reply to by ILuvCrush (not verified)

I agree with you because I love crush's coaster. Went to disneyland Paris last month and it was the ride i enjoyed the most. The only problem I can see with bringing it to America is that seemingly has low capacity - only 4 people in a shell. It had the longest wait time of any ride out of both parks the whole time we were there. Maybe if they build two tracks.

Funny thing is that Harry Potter is the best investment Disney didn't make. Who comes to Orlando to visit universal only? A very low percentage, therefore there is no real competition when it comes to attendance. Disney could probably stay as is and there would be no real loss. When Disney continues to have a longer line for a princess meet and greet than universal has for it latest Potter themed ride. Universal has a problem. I know some will talk capacity for the meet and greet is lower but the demand for the princess meet and greet could go 24/7 for a long time if it were a possibility.

In reply to by ProThough89 (not verified)

You're an idiot if you think disney will be in universals shadow. Magic kingdom alone rakes in over 18 million guests a year, and park totals triple that of universal studios year in and year out. Disney owns itself, and universal is unver the control of Comcast. Disney is also in the Dow and Bob iger was just named CEO of the year. Tell me again why disney will be in universals shadow? Half wit

I think the first few rides mentioned would be a major step backwards. That type of renovation sounds like it is on the cheap and along the lines of Dino Land. Disney needs to spend some money and some imagination and create new, exciting rides, not just keep recycling rides from other parks. Make them unique, give us some E Ticket attractions, and people will flock to the parks

In reply to by Brian (not verified)

This playground change idea is definitely something that could literally be done almost overnight and at a painfully minimum cost. No idea why they would shut it down and get rid of it completely if it could be Pixar'd so easily and kept as something that the younger crowd would enjoy (my kids still love it at 9 and 12). Change the sign and do a character meet and greet a couple of times a day, and it's done.

With Studios I think concentrating on "Pixar Place" with Pixar movie themed rides and such will bring forth a better set up for the younger crowd. Not to mention they can easily transform "Honey I Shrunk the Kids Playground" into a similar A Bug's Life area like the one in California.

On top of that I think Hollywood studios is going to be the one park that will be immensely overhauled from what it looked like when it opened. Heck it practically is already with the various expansions since its opening day (example: Fan favorites of Tower of Terror and Rockin' Roller Coaster). But I think mostly the other side of the park will be getting the overhaul with possibly Streets of America being one of the things that will be disappearing to make room for the potential expansion of Star Wars.

In reply to by Becka (not verified)

Becka, I completely agree with you but there are reasons why those things can't happen. See apparently Kodak still has the rights to Dreamfinder and that's why he's not in the ride anymore. My hope is that someday they get the rights back. As for the ImageWorks above (I assume that's what you were talking about XD), it's apparently unsafe. The floors aren't stable enough and I think that I read that a cast member almost fell through.
I totally agree though. Epcot needs a huge overhaul. And the first thing that needs to happen is the return of Maelstrom (rip).

If they are going to import existing attractions that are Pixar related... Then I wish they'd bring over Crush Coaster from Disney Studios Paris. It's themed, clever, exciting, and different from any of the US attractions!!

In reply to by ProThough89 (not verified)

I agree with your thoughts on RC Racer, Slinky Dog Spin, etc. Throwing up a quick Toy Story "Playland" is aimed at young kids, and there's no question that DHS needs a little more attention to that age group, but to me, they would really need to limit these sorts of carnival rides to a bare minimum or, as you say, the competition will no longer even consider it a competition (nor will the guests). On the flip side, there are no hanging coasters at WDW at this point, and a well-done Monsters, Inc., door coaster could be something totally new. Bring in a great ride, and it hopefully won't matter what the theming is (looking at you, Avatarland). But if they could make it seem as though you're actually going through the factory, then all the better. Monsters, Inc., is a great brand for Disney/Pixar and, depending on the "thrill" level of the ride, could still have appeal to the kiddos and adults alike. Either way, hoping that the powers-that-be see this as an opportunity to make a statement rather than simply fill some space.

I think also they need to rehaul Epcot a bit in future world. Most of the rides are dated. I think they need to bring Dreamfinder back and reopen the building they barley used. Also villians are very popular and should add more around them. The dessert party that was extra for MNSSHP was amazing. Why only have the Gillian's out during Halloween season? One reason I only go down for that time of year. If Disney doesn't do more lands like Cars Land I think universal will be winner. Right now I believe they are. I'm glad at least they are using their game. I could keep going on this but won't.

If Disney's best response to Universal's growing success built upon the Harry Potter franchise includes the idea of bringing over RC Racer and Slinky Dog Zig Zag Spin, I think we can all reasonably aagree that the competition is over. Even some of these major attraction ideas sound pretty bland - a Monsters Inc. rollercoaster based on the moving doors. Wow. Thrilling. Especially based on a movie released more than a decade ago that doesn't hold nearly the value it did five years back. Same goes for the idea of bringing Radiator Springs Racers to Orlando. Cars? Really? Time for Disney to step up, or it will have to learn to sit in the shadows of its cross-town rivals for at least the next decade.

I'm excited, and I think they really need to step it up to compete with Harry Potter. Universal did great with Hogwarts, they have done even better with Diagon Alley. However, comparing the rides, I think the Forbidden Journey is better than Gringotts. Regardless, Disney has no choice right now than to get the Star Wars area right to be able to compete and because if they don't many fans will be disgusted. In all honesty, as has been suggested, they would probably be smart to just go all out and build a new Star Wars park, along with a themed hotel or two. They obviously have the land to do it, and the fans that would flock to come there.

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