Judy Dench is the best. Soothing, to the point.

I still miss that great song: "Tomorrow's Child". Could probably fit with even the newest narrations.

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Judy Dench is a fantastic actress but her narration on Spaceship Earth just lulls me to sleep every time. Jeremy Irons and Walter Cronkite narratives kept you intrigued enhancing the experience. Lady Dench is to poetic and whimsical like your grandma reading a fairy tale but showing you pictures from an encyclopedia.

Spaceship Earth was my first attraction at WED back in 1979 when I started. You wouldn't believe the number of story suggestions well after design was underway. Everybody had something to say about Spaceship Earth. "What about the Hindus? What about the Chinese? What about Tesla?" It was a great beginning with a great company that lasted another 17 years. The best scenes still hold up. Unsung heroes of Spaceship Earth were John Lindsey, Wathel Rogers, Peggie Farris, and Pat Scanlon....who never gave up.

How about just making it not break down every time the park is busy?

Education just doesn't work! "Freedomland" opened in the Bronx, NYC in 1960 as an east coast competitor to Disneyland. It was shaped like the USA, and was educational. For the first year.
The educational aspects were dropped for the second year. And then the fourth year was its last, killed off by the New York World's Fair.

It's about time Disney thought about it's guest instead of money we give them enough money so give me back Jeremy irons and Maelstrom.

I'm still surprised Wal E hasn't infiltrated that park.

I'm still surprised Wal E hasn't infiltrated that park.

The title to this article is completely misleading lol. Good read though.

Jeremy Irons version, right around 11:15...I lost it. It brought back so many memories, I'd ridden it so many times by that point that it was ingrained into my brain. I haven't seen it in so long, and there it was, in all its glory. Oh goodness gracious, that soundtrack on the Jeremy Irons version brings shivers down my spine, it's so wonderfully majestic! Much of that technology is now our reality. Us 20-somethings -were- the Tomorrow's Child(ren) back in that era, and if nothing else, we should continue to strive so that Tomorrow's Children of today have a still-wonder-filled Spaceship Earth to inherit.

I believe that the audio animatronic figure depicting the birth of the PC is supposed to be Steve Wozniak, not Steve Jobs.

"Synergy" eh?

Oh yes I am on team Jeremy Irons his narration gave the ride a gravitas it is missing now. No offense Judi...

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I agree completely! Jeremy Irons is by far my favorite.

My absolute favorite is the Jeremy Irons era. His voice was perfect, I'm not too crazy about Judy Dench....Somehow, she does not sound right for it, she does not make me believe like Jeremy Irons did.

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