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Noah's Ark at Kennywood has been restored back to the original entrance with the whale starting this year.

"It’s unclear why Pennsylvania has done such a good job of maintaining old dark rides..."

it's because we want to forget we're in pennsylvania

Technically the ark in Blackpool Pleasure Beach is just decoration now. It was closed in 2010 I believe when the improved the entrance to the park. Kennywood has the world's only operating Noahs Ark in the world.

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Battle for Metropolis was impressive. I enjoyed it quite a bit.

You mentioned it at the beginning... Wonder Mountain Guardian and Journey to the Iron Reef. Surely both these rides are in the top 12.

There is more than one Noah's are still existence in the world. Blackpool Pleasure Beach has one and has been there since the 1930s. Why can't you report facts that's true.

As a season pass holder to Kings Island I would have completely agreed with you on the Boo Blasters ride in its previous incarnation as the Scooby Doo ride but in its current form it is a sad she'll of itself. On the rare occasion that everything works, which it hasn't this year it is ok but still can't compare to the other rides on this list or at Disney. It is most certainly time for Cedar Fair to invest in this ride and bring it back to its former glory either as the current ride platform or on its even earlier boat ride platform.

We're all for the resurgence of the dark ride! And we're flattered to have FOUR Sally rides featured on this list.

Just a little FYI - Although there are similarities to the Australian ride, a completely new ride experience awaits with Justice League : Battle For Metropolis, coming in 2015. Sally designed the rides after completing the mixed-media interactive ride, Justice League : Alien Invasion 3D, in 2012 at Warner Bros. Movie World. After the success of that attraction, Six Flags called on Sally to develop an entirely new ride based on the Justice League. After months of conceptual design, Justice League : Battle For Metropolis was born with an all new story line, new villains, and a thrilling new motion-based ride system. We can't wait for you to ride!

Isn't the tone of this article a little patronising? I know it's rare for a TPT article to focus on parks other than Disney & Universal, but even this article, which promises to do just that, is done from the perspective of being surprised that anyone else could build a decent dark ride. Some of the listings even seem far more interested in discussing how they influenced/were influenced by Disney rides than discussing the ride itself.

The Darkride and Funhouse Enthusiasts have been predicting the return of darkrides and other dark attractions for 14 years! It's about time the larger parks started paying attention to what Disney and Universal have been doing as well as what Sally has created to this point outside of the US

Droomflucht and Fanta Morgana are both missing off of here. They are amazing dark rides that beat most of the ones at Disney and Universal IMHO and are better than many mentioned here.

What about Hex at Alton Towers... I know the UK aren't really anything special when it comes to theme parks, but Hex as a dark ride certainly deserves a place on the list, with an amazing back story and incredible themeing!!

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