I REALLY liked this piece, thank you for putting it together! Haven't seen any of this art before and it really made an impact!

No need to apologize! Apparently some people don't know how to appreciate art or fantasy (which is surprising if they're Disney fans lol). I love abandoned places too and I would really love to see a realistic representation of Disneyland (Anaheim) abandoned.

As an artist, and huge disney fan, I really liked all of these. It is a fascinating concept and I can see why the artists were inspired by it.

We try to take risks on new topics every now and again. Obviously, this one didn't pay off in your case, for which I apologise.

In reply to by Cheyne (not verified)

We try our best to make every post useful and/or informative, Cheyne.

Honestly, I wrote this one because I'm personally fascinated by abandoned theme parks, as I wrote in the post. Sorry it didn't meet your expectations.

Why would you think that anyone would be interested in this? Very depressing I think.

This is a completely redundant post. What next? "How Disney Parks Would Look If The Entire World Was Gay" (they'd be better....#justsaying)
" What Disney Parks Would Look Like In An Alternative 9/11 Scenario"
" What Disney Parks Would Look Like If Mammals Hadn't Become The Dominant Species"
TPT....I usually love your content. It please make this speculative and utterly redundant nonsense a one off foray into WTF

The abandoned tomorrow land looks like a prehistoric place I.e. Dinosaurs would be at home there

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