Just would like to point out that the S.E.A. Logo and map image you have used is actually my work and not Disney as credited.

What about a possible connection within Everest at DAK? Surely there must be an artifact in the queue that references the S.E.A.? The bloke in the portrait with the cold weather gear looks like a great option! I'm so excited to see where WDI takes this. I loved Adventurers Club and to see it live on in such a way is extraordinary!

There's also now an obvious connection to the Jungle Cruise which is directly linked through the Skipper Canteen and any Indiana Jones stuff linked through Jock Lindsay. I could be wrong but I'm fairly certain that the TIKI ROOM and basically all of Adventureland - and now Typhoon Lagoon in tow - are meant to be "in world."

The newly opened Bengal BBQ dining area at Disneland (which took the place of the Adventurers outpost to clear up crowded walkways) features a portrait of the S.E.A. just like the one at the top of this article. This confirms Disneyland's Adventureland a true S.E.A. outpost. Incidentally, there's also a small photo homage to the original inspiration of the Jungle Cruise - The African Queen, starring Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn. In the photo, Humph and Kate are seated on the edge of a Jungle Cruise - The Zambezi Miss. They appear to be in search of Dr. Albert Falls because on a crate in front of them there is a copy of the good doctor's portrait. Leaning close to Kate, like a nervous child unsure about all this adventure, is Albert, Dr. Henry Mystic's faithful and mischievous monkey. Finally, in the background across the river we can see the infamous trapped safari. Seeing the portrait of Dr. Falls together with the trapped safari, including it's mustachioed and pith-helmeted leader struggling to stay on top, I believe we're now meant to understand that Dr. Albert Falls is the unfortunate leader of that doomed outing. S.E.A. Confirmed?

Any connection to UP? Russell was a member of the Wilderness Explorers Club. Seems like that could easily be the junior organization for S.E.A.

"Big Thunder Mountain Railroad" is confirmed connected to SEA. There is a letter in the ride queue straight from Jason Chandler, the head of SEA (and Madame Zasher from the Museum of the Weird), warning Bullion to not go deeper into the mines due to strange and supernatural occurrences threatening the miners and workers.

The "Raging Spirits" ride is also confirmed to be connected to SEA. Harrison Hightower III has a portrait in the Tower of Terror with him and SEA member Smelding taking an item from the ride.

And, because I know this article was released before this was released to the public, there is a new ride coming to Typhoon Lagoon featuring Captain Mary Oceaneer from the Oceaneer Club on the Disney Cruise Lone set to appear in 2017 called "Miss Fortune Falls".

And a possible ride connected to SEA is none-other than the Haunted Mansion itself. One of the Hatchaway's dearly departed husbands is named George Hightower, possibly making himself related to Harrison Hightower.

I've always believed that, after I discovered S.E.A.'s existence, that Thaddeus Thatch from "Atlantis: The Lost Empire" and Mr. Whitmore were members of the S.E.A.

Which makes me wonder aloud: Anyone else want a movie with direct connections to the Society of Explorers and Adventurers?

Ladies and gentleman, let the record show that Nicholas Landry was on it all the way back in 2015, predicting that "Atlantis: The Lost Empire" might coexist with S.E.A., as evidenced by the 2017 opening of Miss Adventure Falls!

You missed Jock Lindsey's Hangar Bar. Jock was a member of S.E.A. and was an accomplished adventurer himself in between flying Indiana Jones around the world. The hangar that he built was converted to a bar so that all of his friends in the Society could come in and share their stories from around the globe.

There's a letter to Trader Sam from Vanessa Capshaw of the New York Preservation Society, dated November 6th, 1912 hanging in Trader Sam's at Disneyland, which suggests a pretty firm connection between Trader Sam and the S.E.A.

The BTMRR queue has a letter ffrom Jason Chandler found member of S.E.A. hanging in it. Pretty sure that means it's a confirmed connection.

I love your posts. Please keep it up.

You missed the Oceaneer Club onboard Disney Cruise Line's Disney Magic. Disney's Oceaneer Club is home to a collection of fascinating props and treasures from the journeys of Captain Mary Oceaneer. A member of the SEA, Mary invites all children to set sail on an ocean of self-discovery and fun.

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