I easily average over 10 miles a day! Our best was 12 miles - not bad for a sixty tear old

October 2013 we were at Disneyworld for 6 days, averaged 11-15 miles per day including walking from the card.

As much as I am a major Disney fan, and I understand the overall jist of the article, I would like to play devil's advocate for a moment. While yes,one tends to burn more calories on average while walking around Disney,guests also tend to consume more on average than they would in a normal setting. Especially those on the dining plan. I only mention this because some people, especially those who have never been to Disney, may assume that going to Disney means losing 5 lbs in a week and that is not the case.

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That doesn't make the research that Chip Co did inaccurate.

I am saddened that themeparktourist.com would quote a travel agency like Chip and Co.. This agency recently deleted/banned a huge Disney fan that was disabled and had been a member of their facebook group (the name of the group is "You Know Your're a Disney Addict") for years. It is a very "unDisney" group of people who have upset thousands in the past week.

How about the health benefit of I am not going to beat you with a stick if you go to Disney World with me, LOL.

Oh I love this article. Sent it all to my friend who is more than happy to read about all the health benefits for our next trip there. We do wonder how we manage to eat burgers, fries and cakes all week and still lose weight, now we know!

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