I haven't seen the trees in Tomorrowland move at all. They might have at one point, there are several things around the area that went from being interactive to just random props.

I'm pretty sure the trees in Tomorrowland don't actually collect solar energy, although it is part of the story/thememing that they are supposed to...

I recall one of my colleagues, a Space Shuttle engineer just like (former) myself, who decided to become a Disney Imagineer. This attention to detail, the depth of thought... None of it even surprises me. Disney draws some of the very finest engineers and artists in my reconing.

When I go to Disney, I delight in the details. I look at the folks they've hired. I think of my friend and, indeed, one of my best students. They have given all of their best to Disney. I, as an engineer and scientist, am good with it!

Notice the red brick walkway entering the MK is red symbolizing the red carpet at movie premieres !

If you look at the ground going toward beasts castle, you'll see 'bird prints' wagon prints and many other interesting things.

What an awesome article. It really is amazing how above and beyond Disney Imagineers go. The attention to detail is what makes Disney parks so special. Great post!

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