The DCA Tower cast members used to do the "creepy" thing; I really miss it. Some of the CMs deserved Oscars for their ability to pull off a great routine. It was never scary; the guests loved it. And I agree with the Mad T Party/current annoying drunken, loud party in DCA. Sorry, TDA, but you blew it when you introduced this disaster in an attempt to cater to the hipster crowd. Even at night, Disney should be family-friendly, and drunk asshats with ear-splitting music is anything but.

In reply to by Nonnie G (not verified)

I think people feel that on vacation they can take a break from everything including neatness. Leaving dirty towels in a pile is one thing but garbage everywhere not so much. It is nice on vacation to not have to make the bed and have someone wipe down the sink. However I do not expect them to pick up trash and work around stuff. We try to keep stuff organized, snacks on the table,toiletries by the sink and clothes in drawers. One suitcase or drawer is designated for dirty clothes and that's were they go. It's not the maids job to do that. I'm just happy to have fresh linens, clean bathroom and empty trash can.

I figured too many annoying people that don't get the joke complained about cast members' demeanor at Haunted Mansion. They aren't as "mean" as they used to be. I always thought it was hilarious and part of the ride's charm.

In reply to by Dave P (not verified)

That's funny! True, but funny. I grew up in Orlando and some friends and I after we were in our 20's, would on occasion drink "around the world" which is going to Epcot and having 1 drink at each country. That's hard to do and expensive. Think we managed it 2 times. After that, we just did magic kingdom til lunch, pop over to Mexico for a Jimbo Margarita then back to the Kingdom...

I was in Entertainment for a good amount of years where I was treated fairly well, then transferred to rides for a bit, and the difference was ridiculous. Folks, PLEASE be nice to your ride operators. They are treated horribly by their management and the company, they don't need anything from you. If they make you move down in the theatre, or your child is too short, or they make you stow your bag, it's not their fault. It's procedure. They get treated by the company like gum on the bottom of someone's shoe. Please, be nice to them!!!

I was there last year for my first time ever and I just loved everything and everyone there. One of my best vacations ever and I loved all Disneys help. Very nice. I want to go again as soon as I save up more money to see all the parks. Just loved it!! Great job

I've only had two issues with cast members out of five trips. One was a lifeguard who wasn't paying attention directly in front of him, my daughter got pretty far away, I didn't realize it was a deep area until she started struggling for air. Her brother was near her and dove in to save her. Then the same trip I asked a cast member if I could go inside a ride to tighten my sons seatbelt. The cm was very sarcastic and said it wasn't a rollercoaster he'd be fine.

Every other cast member has been amazing, I don't know how they do it day after day, customer after customer. Disney cast members are top notch and deserve far more kindness then I'm sure they get.

In reply to by Visitor (not verified)

I understand completely. During my 5 years at WDW, I drove a bus for 3 of them. I often got told off by guests when I would have to cut the line off because the bus was full... They wanted me to squeeze them on, when I was already packing them in really tight as it was. Or, my personal favorite, when I'd be at a resort, and they'd complain because I was going to a different park than the one they wanted, and couldn't understand why I wouldn't change my route so they could get to the park of their choice, instead of the one to which I was dispatched...

In reply to by Nonnie G (not verified)

I agree! I believe that if you make someone else's job easier, then God will send somebody to do the same for you.

In reply to by Nonnie G (not verified)

I was shocked when my sister was in my hotel room and was shocked 1. That I had unpacked everything and put it all neatly away, 2. That I left tips every day. This person had worked as a waitress so she should appreciate tipping. When I saw her room i was the one who was shocked as it was a huge mess! Her home is not that way so I do not understand why she does that in a hotel room.

I've been going to Disney since I was a little girl in thr 70's. My husband and I now take our kids there and are planning another trip next year. I have never had a problem with any CM. As a matter of fact, there was one time when my son was about 4 and we were heading across the bridge in Epcot to the Countries. We no more than stepped foot in Mexico when he started to have a meltdown. We tried everything to calm him down. A wonderful CM came over, talked to him, made him smile, and gave him a Pinocchio pin from her lanyard. I knew right then why it's called THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH!

I enjoy the cast members. They are always very helpful. tTey have to know the parks inside and out to be able to answer all questions. I try to thank them and mention their name, it's on their name tag. Even when things go wrong, it's not always their fault, rides break, they didn't do it, be nice people, you're at Disney, the happiest place on earth be it California or Florida.

We are annual pass holders to WDW,Hollywood Studios,Animal Kingdom,Epcot we go once or twice a month and we love it we have stayed at the resorts,but since son in law works for Lowes properties we now stay at hard rock,portifino,etc.We give all the cast members thumbs up we have witness the abuse that some guest give these cast members.We love Disney thank u to all the cast members

I will never work at either of the park complexes again (UO or WDW). I have never been treated worse by management or by guests - the service industry treats people like used kleenex. And the pay sucks.

In reply to by Bellhop Chris (not verified)

I have a colleague at DCA who needs to be reminded of smiling. Some CMs at Tower don't understand that we aren't zombies we're real people who went through at worm hole around 1939.

As a current Tower of Terror bellhop at Disney California Adventure, the management demands that we smile and be as friendly to our guests as possible. This whole "creepiness" that's described in the story wouldn't fly on the West Coast. Frankly, if anyone watched enough episodes of "Twilight Zone" you'd find the show was never meant to be scary. I mean, we'd call it the Stephen King Tower of Terror if we wanted that.

Yeah, while the five listed hit the nail on the head, I'd add one more pet peeve. The drunken weekend crowds we deal with since we're so close to the Mad T Party. I mean, considering how much you paid to get in and the drink prices, you should've thought about getting intoxicated somewhere cheaper.

Sure we have one or two bellhops who like to startle the guests but DCA Tower of Terror is a fun ride where we give them their money's worth. I mean, frankly, what other attraction at DLR has cast members like us?

I would like to add, for those many guests who took the time to appreciate everything, thank you for your kindness. It's the little things that count :)

EVERY SINGLE DAY. Sci-Fi Dine in Theater. Hollywood studios. I was an intern. I loved my job, for the first month, then started hating my life. Got called the meanest stuff due to the own stupidity of guest's making reservations and overlapping with fast passes. This is the daily conversation I dealt with.

"Uhhhh excuse me, we had reservations for a CAR for dinner and you only have a POS flying saucer table? Wtf is this bullshit?"-guest

"Sir, we saved your reservation 30 min after your reservation time...."-me

"Bullshit. It's NOT our fault the toy story fast pass was at the same time. Just wait until we complain to guest services." -guest

"Okay :) have a magical day!" -me

*Stomps out calling names*

I always loved to make light of said stupidity Wow working at the studios I guess comes up and says excuse me whens Disney. my response you're in Disney. guess says no the real Disney. my response this whole 30 mile radius is Disney welcome to Disney. Guest replies oh but where is the castle. My response oh you mean magic kingdom one of the 4 main parks of Disney. Well you're going to have to take a bus over to castle. Guest response, this place is confusing.

I always loved to make light of said stupidity Wow working at the studios I guess comes up and says excuse me whens Disney. my response you're in Disney. guess says no the real Disney. my response this whole 30 mile radius is Disney welcome to Disney. Guest replies oh but where is the castle. My response oh you mean magic kingdom one of the 4 main parks of Disney. Well you're going to have to take a bus over to castle. Guest response, this place is confusing.

Ah! That's true :-) I meant to say that the bellhops (and several other Cast Members) have a slightly more sinister disposition than the others - but of course, the do indeed smile.

I agree with the article, I have had my ups and downs with guest. I hate it when they think they know more about the park than we do. I had a guest call me stupid because I did not know where the Hulk ride was, when I told her it was at Iniversal Studios, she said "well this is Studios stupid". Even when I explained the difference between MGM and Universal she still calls me names

In reply to by Visitor (not verified)

Glad he came back to apologise.. I've always wished I could be a cast member, but thats never going to happen.. but I always treat those who do with a great respect and admiration, tinged with envy!!

As a former cast member the only thing I can add as a dislike is when people adamantly tell you something that is completely wrong and won't except the actual answer. Working at MGM I was at lost and found and guest came up to the window from the parking lot and wanted to know where to get back on the monorail because he knew he took the monorail there. After explaining multiple times that it was impossible to do so seeing that the monorail had never been built to this park he yelled at me and stormed off then complained to guest services about me. Then later to show up to my window and apologies because he meant the parking lot tram, and not the monorail. Hmm big difference.

Minor article correction: Towee Bellhops actually are supposed to be smiling from ear to ear. that's where the story comes in to play for the bellhop. They lived trough this Twilight Zone nightmare and came out the other side crazy and all to please to load people to their dooms... I mean rooms! He smiles at you and thinks to himself "I know something you don't know... And I'm NOT telling!" :-)

As a former Lifeguard Cast Member. I can attest to everything Amy has said. I absolutely loved my job and my time at Walt Disney World. There were good times and bad, but I would not trade it for anything in the world.

I was fortunate enough to work at both of the Water Parks, almost every resort, and even worked on Main Street for the 3 PM parade.

It was the time of my life. I will always remember that one cast member that made my day every day at Disney, and I hope to return to Orlando after I retire from Military Service.

Thank you to all the guests and Cast Members that make Disney possible.

I think your room is a reflection of your home. If you wouldn't make such a disaster in your home why would you leave a sloppy , messy room someplace else.
I truly appreciate the staff at all Disney entities. They are very hard working people, and deserve the utmost respect!

Thank you ALL for what you do for us guest!

As a guest that has been several times over the last several years (although not near as many as I would like) :) I want all the cast members to know that WE DO appreciate them! I think they all do a great job and I try to take every opportunity there to tell them so. Keep up the good work. I'm sorry there are those that just don't know how to behave! Its really sad.

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