Sad because its true

This is the old Disney... The new Disney is the real world... Its still fun to go to, but not so much magical.

That is the saddest comment

Unfortunately with the amount of people they let in every single day the magic I'd getting lost. With the induction of the Southern California, pay by the month, passes the parks are packed all the time. My family has been going since 2006, live it off state, multiple times a year with our annual passes. We are now planning other vacations due to the high crowds. Disney had even started letting people wear vulgar t shirts, that children should not read, into the parks. It is a shame. We will always have a special spot in our hearts but until they stop focusing on greed we are going to look elsewhere.

I used to love that the buses throughout Disney World only played Disney music. Now you hear all sorts of pop music on the buses and I feel cheated. The Disney music continued that feeling of being in a magical world. I am now yanked back to reality whenever I take the buses. So sad.

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What bus are you on?

A feeling of safety, fun and innocence of a childhood era gone by. No matter your age you feel young again when you are in the parks. Also the cleanliness and beautiful landscaping is a pleasure to the senses.

I would also like to add the whole 'Disney' experience begins for me as a driver, as I pass under the Welcome banner .. from then on I know that I will have no traffic hassles, and will be greeted by friendly Disney parking attendants. Its also such a pleasure at the end of the day to know I will be able to leave the parking lot without long waits and queues .. the last thing you need after a full day in the Parks. we have been to other places where its taken over an hour to leave the venue.. not fun.

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