Talk about knock-off's ... are you familiar with Tivoli Gardens (, the 2nd oldest amusement park in the world. This is where Walt got his idea for Disneyland. Many of the original rides and buildings for Disneyland and WDW were "borrowed" from Tivoli ... including the Crystal Palace (Glass Room, at Tivoli).

You're wrong on the video of the Soarin' ripoff; the music isn't ripped from Independence Day-it's from Jurassic Park!

There was the now defunct because of money issues & was shuttered in 1998 & was demolished to make way for a mall, GO USA FUN PARK!! The rides name was Chaos & it is almost an total copy of disney worlds space moutain ride. :-D

Some of these are valid choices, but are you saying any Space-themed dark coaster is a Space Mountain rip-off? And any Mine Train is a rip off of BTM? Does that mean any Log Flume is a rip off of Splash Mountain?

Also, as Disney licensed Alice In Wonderland to BPB, that automatically makes it NOT a rip-off in my book.

Repeat after me Nick - I must not mock the Blackhole, I must not mock the Blackhole! ;-)

Don't forget the othe Europa Park knock-offs such as...
- African Queen (Original: Mark Twain Riverboat)
- Dschungel-Floßfahrt (Original: Jungle Cruise)
- EP-Express (Original: Disney Monorail)
- Geisterschloss (Original: Haunted Mansion)
- Piccolo Mondo (Original: Small World - although different theming)
- Piraten in Batavia (Original: Pirates of the Caribbean)
- Schweizer Bobbahn (Original: Matterhorn Bobsleds)
- Silverstone-Piste (Original: Autopia)

Hey! a bobsled roller coaster is not a matterhorn bobsleds rip-off it is
A theme park train is not a rip-off is JUST A TRAIN but in a theme park
every boat ride is not a jungle cruise rip-off is just a boat in a river
and picolo mondo is just for a country so is not a small world rip-of

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