I agree. What a forgetful movie and to allow a creep like James Cameron to share the Disney vision is regrettable.He is using Disney and his ability to access imagineers and artists (to his own advantage to produce sequels to an already forgetful movie).

yuck to AVATAR - just yucky ! AK is my favorite park Exp Everest favorite ride - HATE the AVATAR & sci fi theme - yuck

In reply to by Cyndi (not verified)

Ohhhh. Thank you for the info.

I would like to see world of Coke in Disney Springs!

It's "replacing" Downtown Disney... They're making over DTD into DS.

Where is "Disney Springs"? I know they are making so many changes and adding new venues. I just do not know where this is located. And I work at Disney!! Lol

I don't believe I've referred to restaurants being attractions anywhere in this article (not intentionally anyway). In fact I deliberately chose a title that makes a distinction between a ride and a restaurant.

Walt Disney World IS spending a lot of money on changes. You can draw your own conclusions on whether it is spending it wisely.

This is kind of ridiculous. SO, there are 4 actual attractions listed here ... out of your 20. The other like 16 are just ways to try and soak more money out of the guests. Nightclubs, shopping, etc, aren't attractions, period.

I wish Star Wars-land could be included on this list.

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