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I loved working there! I worked mostly on the dune buggies and formula racers. Man did we have fun

I actually rode the Cannonball Loop. Once!

Bumper boats were also full of sharp edges in the cockpit, cutting arms and legs getting in and out. There was also a no smoking sign because of the likely hood of the gas fumes coming off the water igniting. The carts on the alpine slide were reinforced with steel plates on the front and back, giving it an excellent chance of hitting your in the small of the back when rammed from behind. Wave pool was nicknamed the Grave Pool. Packed to capacity and no one knew you were missing/drowned until your friends reported you missing.

It may have been extremely dangerous, but it was also a ton of fun to work there!

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She was chastising someone about their spelling yet she spelled grammar wrong...

It's called a Ski Lift, which was its normal function during the Winter months.

That was the way to get up and down the hill for the alpine slide.

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Using, "the" before grammar, even if it's spelled correctly or not capitalized, is not a common error. Anyway, the point is that if she is going to be rude and criticize someone's grammar in online comments, it would probably go a bit further if she had less than three mistakes in two sentences herself.

Electrocuted and /then/ died? That's some extra bonus death right there.

What's the mistake in Brittany's writing? Looks like she spelled everything correct to me.

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Yeah....let's just pay to go and die or get hurt cause that's be in pain or buried six feet under. You're an idiot!!

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Not really, he made one common error, the person he was commenting to wrote something pretty much unreadable.

All of these rides mentioned, and none explain the included photo of that nightmarish cable car ride with no seat belts. Lol what's that ride?

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Brittany everyone is entitled to their opinions of whatever ride the would like to comment on. Just like you have your opinion. But don't put people down when you have a mistake in your writing as well. Good luck to those who ride what ever ride your heart wants to go on. I am a chicken but I have fun hearing how rides are from you thrill seekers.

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They have this same set up at Chestnut mountain in Galena Illinois. They even use the chairlift to bring you back up the hill.Fun ride.

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They have this same set up at Chestnut mountain in Galena Illinois. They even use the chairlift to bring you back up the hill.Fun ride.

I worked on the alpine slide way back when. It was so bad! We were stationed at different parts of the slide with radios to say hold the track if people slowed down or stopped. People often stopped and got out of their carts to take pictures! They would leave their carts on the track. Although we would radio up to hold the track, they never did! So there would be a pile up. One person suffered a concussion because he was getting back in his cart as someone was coming down... He lost his footing and hit the track with his head (obviously). Do a broken arm. That one was thrown from his cart when he slowed down waiting for the next person who he was with to catch up. They were going so fast that when they caught up they hit him so hard he flew out of his cart and broke his arm. Other than that there were many, many, many skin burns from the slide! People went too fast, lost control.... Many didn't speak English so she we told them to keep going, they didn't understand and slowed down... What a MESS!!!!! The last injury I knew of was a broken neck years later when my friend worked there. I hope they leave it closed!

@brittney...It's GRAMMAR, dumbass. If you're gonna talk shit, you might want to spell the words you're using against a person the right way! You are just as stupid as they are.

Seriously? Don't you know how to use the proper Grammer and spelling?. And another thing it's dangerous on these rides. Duh!!!! Even if it is ride at your own risk.

Reading all this brings back suck good memories. Action park was awesome and ever ride had extreme warningy before going on it . it said u could die. so it was all at your own risk and it was worth it. I think all the rides and the whole park should be open again. ppl should not have been able to sue and mess up a good thing for everyone else. if its to much for ppl to deal with extreme rides dont go on them or have the park make a waiver u have to sign before u go in the park . that's what I think cause it was the best park to give u real thrills not like anywhere else and that's what made it great. please find a way to bring it all back and more. forget 6 flags that's boring..

Just looking and reading about these monster rides,I can feel the pain these people felt.

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