It's no longer there now, but the Orlando Jaws ride used to have the floating mouse ears by a wrecked boat as well.

Maybe that just means Universal is too lame to come up with their own tag lines and jokes. If they have to copy then they aren't very creative.

Sorry, but Dudley Do-Right's comic books had trains in them long before Mr. Toad was even made. Boris and Natasha were always tying somebody up to the rails, and Dudley and his horse of course had to free them before they got run over, so that was NOT a parody of Mr. Toad!

Also, by the first aide station there is a green gate and the corners of that gate have mickey mouse heads, totally a jab at "hidden mickeys"

Let's not forget the line in the monster make up show. " I don't have to be nice to you. This ain't the Magic Kingdom"

On Men in Black look for a familiar hat in the New York scene and the queue video at Jurrasic Park River Adventure says that We hope we never lose sight of the fact that it all started with a mosquito.

Beetlejuice? Oh, OK. I would have sworn Sinbad, with all those bad jokes.

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That would be the Beetlejuice show, but that's definitely in there!

and maybe this is why Disney has the top what 7 spots in theme park visitors, i guess they should thank Universal

I think it's during the "Sinbad" show; isn't there the sound of a cricket, who one of the characters fires a gun at (where the sound is coming from), and says something like, "I told you to shut up Jiminy."

You missed some blatent Disney paraphrases in the queue at Jurrasic Park River Adventure where we "bioengineer" the magic. And in the words of our founder John Hammond "I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing, that it all started with a mosquito"

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