Cartmanland from South Park (TV) and Dreamland from Wild Ride (book)

If you miss the 12 noon robot parade at Itchy and Scratchy Land, you'll have to wait for the 12:05.

Roller Coaster was set in real parks and used the parks' real names. One of them was King's Dominion in Virginia.

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"Spooky Island"

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Wax World!!!

I ran a website about Red Dwarf in my teenage days...that brings back memories.

What about the Scooby Doo movie set in a theme park? The one with real characters not cartoon.

I thought of Wax World, featured in the Red Dwarf episode Meltdown, and for lovers of really bad horror films there's Goonies 2, where real monsters invade the Chamber of Horrors.
If I remember right the London Dungeon provided a backdrop for one of the deaths in Don't Open Until Christmas.

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Yep. Although in reality you won't get eaten by zombies (hopefully).

Pacific Playland = Wild Adventures so in reality you can visit it too.

You missed the theme park in ROLLERCOASTER the 70s disaster movie!

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