I'm a former cast member and it was one of my favorite jobs I ever had and I used to have my own business and I would still take working for the Mouse over any job I ever had. I worked in merchandise on Main Street at Magic Kingdom and I loved it and all of my coworkers and managers were the best. If I ever had a bad day it never showed in front of guests. And I had some really bad days while working all of my family was in Mo. And while I worked there I lost two of my Aunts back home and got the news when I was working I went back stage and lost it but my coworkers and managers were wonderful they let me get my self back together and back to work I went. It's the greatest place in the world to work and I highly recommend it for everyone. I loved making the guests happy and seeing all the children smiling!

We visited WDW Magic Kingdom and loved it. We had sat down at an outside table for a refreshing drink to cool us in the heat of July. It was very hot that day but I was so impressed how members of the cast walked the streets and interacted with all the patrons and all had smiles on their faces, were very talkative, and made the experiences for adults and children one to remember! I don't remember now where we were exactly but a woman and man dressed as a type of princess and knight walked up to our table and started talking in their wonderful accents to our girls and interacted with them for several minutes. All while in their impressive and I'm sure very hot costumes! Our girls had smiles from ear to ear and I know that they felt so special at that moment to have been singled out and approached by "Disney characters" that in their minds were so real! Those two special employees made all of our's day!And I want to say, that we experienced such friendliness throughout our whole day from all the employees we encountered during our visit except for one very unhappy worker for which I just smiled and wished her a good day! There's no need for anyone to be rude back bcuz we never know what others may be going through even when they are at work. We all have days like that and the only thing to do is be nice and continue on with our own day! Never, never, be rude back bcuz the very next day may happen to be one of our unhappy days which may also be during our workday as well. Treat others how you would want to be treated even when we may not be at our best. It's Disney World, where Magic happens, and with being nice even though that employee was unhappy at that moment, I may have lifted her spirits just by being nice to her!!! So while we all may have pros and cons about our day at Disney, whether it be as an employee or visitor, its a Magical experience for all!!!

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It sounds as though you might want to look for another job! There are more people out there that are nice than people that treat you bad. Maybe if you pay more attention to those that are appreciative to the experience you are there to give them, you would feel differently! There are so many people out there that would be nicer to you if you changed your attitude. Not all of us that may have crossed your path feel as though we have to take our frustrations out on a hard working employee at WDW. You might want to search your own self for your unhappiness. When working with the public, its best to just smile and ignore their rudeness and concentrate on the next visitor that is probably in a good mood and glad for your help!! I hope you have a better day and that the very next person you help help at Disney, appreciates you and you realize how important you are to us that appreciate all you do!!!

A job that I take my hat off a salute those that do this with great success!! I've sttod in line and listened to the cruise director as the cruise started and then ended as they made their approach for my turn to ride the attraction came. These employees endure all types of weather and still give their tour with a smile and uniqueness that makes each experience one to remember. I have not seen anyone on our recent trip to Disney act as though they were tired of the repeating of their roles. They go out of their way to make each and every passenger have the best experience and as we were able to witness, they incorporated the weather issues right into their presentations which only showed how well suited for the position they were!

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Well said! Either Mary Had no kids or had very unhappy kids! Mary, have you ever heard the saying " kids will be kids"? Well, the most behaved kids are sometimes not well behaved!

In reply to by Carrie (not verified)

You should have moved for your children to have a better education not so they can enjoy disney. I love my son and used to love disney pre fast pass plus but i would never move unless it was something that would benefit his life in the future and thats for a great education. Thus why i live in metro detroit. Country day is like an ivy league k - 12 education.

It's the only workplace in the past 20 years (out of 6) that I always looked forward to going to. Even at the end of a long, hot day, I looked forward to coming back again. I always felt proud on my way to work, or when visiting on my time off and being some unknown guy sharing my knowledge and experience with guests. I miss it just about every day (and I'm a local with an annual pass who visits at least twice a week).

Honestly, the point system makes it so hard to get fired it's laughable. It was actually kind of amazing.

Former CM here. I can attest to most of these. I worked in Tomorrowland on the college program, at the jungle cruise and at a store in DTD. I will say I never had a "plainclothes" rider (that I know of) on any of my boats, but they would send managers and coordinators through randomly. I am still of the opinion that the best skippers add their own flavor! Jungle was similar to safari though in that none of our positions were indoors. Even our break room was outside! I will say the last is true though. I met my husband at disneyworld, and some lifelong friends. It's a crazy job, but being able to create lasting memories for families is just not something a lot of people get to experience.

I'm a 15 year former CM as a chef, been gone now for 10 years and to this day it remains the BEST JOB EVER! And I miss it more then ever!

and Mary obviously does not have children. They do not listen 24/7. We brought my niece and nephew several times and they sat on things they shouldn't have. We told them to get off but as soon as you turn your back, they are back on them and an employee would tell them to get down and we would say see I told you so don't say that the parents didn't say something if you don't know.

I HAVE BEEN VISITING DISNEY WORLD FOR 10 years some times twice a year, there has never and I mean never been ab unpleasant moment ,returning again for CHRISTMAS as I have visited CHRISTMAS and Easter ....every moment has been wonderful and it truly is THE HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH...See you soon.as of this reply only 40 days to go....guess what I am a senior citizen andDISNEY WORLD MAKES ME LIKE KID ....I LOVE IT

Just a few comments regarding the post from a current CM:

#6. HOT!...Absolutely. DAK is known to be 10 degrees hotter than any other park due to the tropical rainforest conditions. As a Photopass photographer, we are told that we can be in a position for up to 4 hours. As there are only 2 indoor locations (Adventurers Outpost-Mickey and Minnie's hangout and Garden Gate Gifts-the Photopass view center for DAK) we know that our days will be spent outdoors come rain or shine. What's nice is that our field coordinators and managers check on us frequently and will get fresh water, etc. if we need it...

#5. Repetition-yes, indeed! However, since I prefer to shoot icons rather than characters, I have more creative freedom with my shots (and more time to have fun with guests..you just have to know how to read them-do they seem like the kind to appreciate a goofy posed picture or just a straight up primary pose shot, etc.)...

#4. Being watched...just know that there are cameras everywhere...just sayin'.

#3. Not idiots per say, just that they left their brains in the car/resort/at home. Also their manners and some parenting skills such as making their kids mind. Some also forget to take their "anti-rudeness" medication before embarking on their adventure. There is not a CM on the streets/in shops or restaurants that gets paid enough to take the verbal abuse that we have to "grin and bear". I'm sorry but as a human being I take exception to this, and will someday be fired for not holding my tongue when a guest decides that I will be their verbal punching bag. As a former RN with 34 years of experience behind me, I didn't take it then and won't now for 1/3 of the pay I made then. Guests believe that they can say anything they want to us because they know we would get in trouble if we say anything back. That is a form of bullying...

#2. Busy...heck, yeah!!! It's Disney, people! Unless you are the first family in the parks you WILL have other people in your photos!!! Not an uncommon conversation for PP photographers to engage in.

#1. My 4th anniversary was yesterday. I do love it here as a second career. Would I have enjoyed it as much 40 years ago..probably not. Its a nice, relaxing, less stressful position than my former life, and as I have always done photography as a hobby, its cool to be paid to do something I really love!

In reply to by tpearcy (not verified)

I really enjoy hearing that guests appreciate all that we do. I love working at WDW. I moved from Northern California to orlando with my kids so that I could work here and let my kids enjoy the magic at Disney.

In reply to by Terry Berrier (not verified)

The "points system" as you call it (we called it the matrix when I worked there in the late 90's early 2000's) is extremely easy to deal with. It is very flexible unless you've blown some of your call-outs goofing off (which a lot of people do). And some locations are obviously more forgiving than others, which is true of management anywhere in the universe. The advantage of working somewhere as big as Disney was that sometimes you could just get someone to swap shifts with you and not even waste a call-out.

I always thought I would love working for Disney until I heard they used the point system. I worked for one company that did, hated it, even if you had a love one die, or your child was seriously sick, or there was a wreck on your way to work you
still got points. Knowing Disney uses the point system would makes me never want to work there!

I also worked there many years ago and LOVED the work, but the fellow employees (primarily the girls) are WITCHES who love to start drama and try to get the other employees in trouble and/or fired all the time; there are many who work at Disney who are PROFESSIONAL SHIT STIRRERS and they have friends in management who ALLOW and ENCOURAGE them to continue to do that bullshit!

I commend all cast members. Having to put up with some very rude visitors can really wear on you I am sure. This is what makes WDW such a great place. The great cast members. Thank to you all.

I went to work in the College Program once and was terminated from my dream job after only one month thanks to having horrible roommates. Most corrupt place in the world to work for.

I loved working there. I was a in the College Program working at Flame Tree BBQ. My favorite was working the parade route. I always told Disney themed jokes to the kids, and had my trading pins on me.

In reply to by tpearcy (not verified)

My family solutes you all!!!

To all past, present and future Disney theme park and resort cast members. Thank you for all you do to make the Disney experience memorable. It's because of you that I continue to go visit the parks year after year and enjoy every minute and have been able to share the experience with my daughter and hope to have that continue for generations. Again Thank you, your work is appreciated.

As a former Disney Cast Member, I remember absolutely loving my job. Of course there are the tough days, hot days, long days and days that make you want to cry, as in any job. However, the experiences you gain working for Disney is something you simply cant get working anywhere else. On top of learning excellent customer service, patience and a strong work ethic you also get to enjoy the happier things like, meeting people from all over the world, park perks while off duty and the joy of creating magical moments and memories for any guest that crosses your path, everyday. In my opinion there isn't any other job quite like working for Disney. Just imagine going to work everyday knowing you have the power to make someone's first trip to Disney, Birthday Trip to Disney or even Honey Moon trip to Disney, the most magical experience they've ever had. It truly was an experience I will never forget.

There are so many more facets of the positives and negatives that you've not yet explored. For me, it's the people I work with that keep me coming back everyday, not the guests that come to the parks. There comes a point in the multi-decade Disney career where you get tired of being treated poorly because of the job you do.

My daughter was a cast member both during college in the college program and after graduation she went back. She said it was the hardest thing she's ever done, but also the best thing she's ever done! The training she received has served her well in her career. She loves going to WDW still and will take her daughter there in a couple months for her first of what will be many visits.

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