Sorry, not sorry, but working at WDW is not what it's cracked up to be. Maybe as a young college student, but anything beyond a specialty job or entertainment is a total crock. The pay at Disney is abysmal, and even management doesn't get paid a living wage after years of service. I know of several people who had to live with multiple roommates just to be able to pay bills All the while when the CEO makes more in an hour than most employees make in a year. Being able to get into the parks for free is great, but it does not make up for not being able to support yourself.

I had three of those little white birds with long beaks mug me for my jalapeno pretzel. They snatched it right out of my hand. I grabbed what I could to throw it away since they didn't deserve to eat the whole thing. Then they come and sit in front of me to mock me. My wife tried to give a piece of her pretzel that fell down to a squirrel and they jumped him too. I'm telling you they train those birds at WDW to snatch your food so you are forced to buy more!

We were eating at Mexicos outside quick service in January and a bird swept in and took my daughters chicken right off her plate!!!

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Are you serious? Microwaved steak? Thanks for the heads up? Anymore things or places you can share info?

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I was there in the '90s. Once a cast member, always a cast member is so true. It's a brother/sisterhood. We were all in the trenches together kind of comaraderie.

I have worked at Disney for 10 years and recently left the company. For the moments you can create for the guests, I 100% agree make life great but that company isn't like it used to be when I started. It's all just a fantasy world and the work environments are the same way. Artist Point is a great restaurant and I believe will always be one of the best but there are many others amongst Disney property that are quick to pull the sheets over your eyes. As your GUEST orders a $38 steak and as a FOH tipped cast member we are supposed to feel "magical" serving a MICROWAVED NY STRIP(as well as many of our other dishes) to our tables. The company has only been cutting more and more over the years so they can make 50 Billion instead of 40 Billion. Lack of care, lack of effort behind closed doors but that's where all the MAGIC is at cause they're the best at not revealing all of their secrets. Walt's rolling over in his cryogenic grave !

It can be magical. I loved every minute of it.

My husband, Curt, brought me to Walt Disney World after a very stressful year of work during the summer of 2013. I lost my all you can drink cup and went to find it. The conceriege got me a new one right away. Everyone who worked there always smiled and chatted and just made your day feel special. It was simple things done every day all the time. I wish we could afford to go back every year!

That is a wonderful goal, and one that will be as enjoyable for the guests too! My hubby wants to do the same, and he is getting very close to retiring now.

I worked at WDW in the 80's and I miss it everyday. It was so wonderful to be nice to the guests. Whenever I go to the parks now I still offer to take photos of the entire family. Once a cast member always a cast member.

Hoping to be a CM someday here! I remember waiting at Caribbean Beach Resort outside the door as my wife checked us in and the doorman and I started up a converse about working there. He was in in his mid 60s I would guess, and told me how in his previous life he was a CEO of a big bank in NYC. I had no reason not to believe him as he spoke, and he went on to say how he retired in very good health and prosperous. Yet he wished he had gone to work at WDW 25 yrs sooner. He went on to say how stressful his banking job was, how he had to be a problem solver, and how unhappy customers and employees always were, but at WDW, if someone came in with a frown on their face, whether tired from travel or needing to get something fixed, he saw them come in and could help put a smile on their face. How rewarding is that!!

As a former cast member and trainer at MK, seeing a seagull dive bomb an ice cream cone from Auntie Gravity's was come place. Or fries being stolen while dining outside and restaurant. But for me, the biggest perk was learning to break out of my shy shell and instill my love and passion for Disney to others. A former trainee/ now good friend has gone on to become a well liked and respected manager which makes me proud knowing he credits me with passion and pushing him to keep trying even when days were long and hard.

I have seen a seagull take a funnel cake out of a ladies hands. It was hilarious. But a Disney Employee rushed over and got her another one in an instant.

I witnessed a huge bird devour a lady's cheeseburger she left unattended at Pecos Bill's to get some ketchup. The bird had it gone in one gulp!

I had actually seen a seagull take one of the Casey's hot dogs right off the bun-ketchup and all back in 90's when I can down to Disney. It was hilarious. The guy was just ready to bite down on the hot dog, and had to set it down for a minute to take care of his son. When the guy turned back around the hot dog was gone, and all that was left was the bun and a ketchup trail the bird left when it took off with the hot dog.

I was a cast member, 20 years ago. I know a lot have changed over the years, but my experience as a cast member is one of my most cherished memories. The time I spent entertaining children, helping those that were lost and just putting a smile on someone's face was one of the most rewarding things I've ever done. And if it's at all possible, when I retire from my current employment, I would love to return as a cast member and maybe bring a little joy into some unsuspecting person's day.

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