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this is a little late to the party(just found out about this site this year{2017}) but i believe linds is correct, albeit very abrasive, about the color of the yeti
if you google expedition everest yeti moving 2006, and click the machinedesign(dot)com link they have a picture of the yeti there

The Yeti and mountain were never connected or touched in any way. The Yeti had its own independent structure from the beginning of design.

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Linds I think you dont know nearly what you think you do. Want me to send you the vacation planning DVD from the year the ride opened? Because they show this gigantic white yeti swinging its arm down at the Everest cars. It was certainly a white yeti plain as day in that video. ANd a few videos after as well.

I thoroughly enjoy Theme Park Tourist and its articles. I was also a longtime cast member at Disneyland and was lucky enough to see the yeti when it worked. Such a scary and cool figure! I offer one little tip to the author. "Queue" and "line" mean the same thing. You can simply say "the queue" or "the line." Saying "the queue line" is just redundant. ☺️

To the guy that thinks it's a "ludicrous" thought that the foundation that the support that holds the yeti cracked, you're an idiot. The mountain and ride system were designed independently of the Yeti's system, causing the problem described in the article. This is why the yeti no longer moves, when the yeti was attached to the mountain, the yeti shook the mountain too much.

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If you were in fact a cast member, you would know she has always been brown. I worked there as an attractions cast member, I worked there with the people who opened the attraction, and I know every nook and cranny of that mountain. Why would the Imagineers build the yeti white then turn around and make her brown? That's ludicrous. If you view footage of the attraction's development and opening, what color is she? Brown.

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you are correct. In the very beginning, the yet he was white. I was a cast member at the time of opening and we had a ride through with the lights on. And many times riding it after that, it was a white up until a few years ago.

If I remember correctly, the Yeti also used to be white. I heard that, because of the way the ride was constructed, they can't reach him to fix the animatronics or clean him. I often don't even see him the first time I ride anymore because he's so dirty. Of course, this gives me a good excuse to ride more than once. This is, by far, one of my favorite queue lines.

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