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cue the enraged parental comments.

Let's not forget the one item left off this list that was banned recently (with good reason), selfie sticks!!!

Chewing gum of any kind cannot be purchased anywhere in Disney world for obvious reasons. (Secretly baned)

Fingernail files also (secretly baned) obviously as well but Break chip or gouge a nail & you find yourself scraping your finger on every cement surface attempting to rid yourself of that jagged fingernail that keeps hanging up on clothing, hair, other people.

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Designed for people of all ages, that's the whole point. However I agree strollers should NOT be banned, that's jus silly.

Could be a therapy dog...those can be any breed.

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Have visited EPCOT and taken in the F&W Festival numerous years now and yes, have been surrounded by visitors who have been served way too much alcohol. Yelling, stumbling about, falling down, rude to guests, etc. Each year it got progressfully worse. We now know not to visit F&W on a Friday night or a Saturday. It's mostly locals. We have not visited in 2 yrs now, I do hope it has gotten better.

On the bus right now leaving Epcot and according to this list I saw lots of rule breakers lol. To start with on my way in I saw a young lady wearing a string bikini (and I do mean string) top with shorts that had more holes than material. Then I saw a young man with a t-shirt that said suck my f*click...and then to top it off on the way out we saw a group of 20 something's that were so drunk they couldn't have hit their butt with both hands if they tried...I think this article might be a little off lol

I think each listing was well deserved. I hope guests abide by each and every one of them. Thanks for the reminder.

I sometimes wonder about the service dog I saw back in 2013. It was a small yorkie and the man was carrying it. Can they put a service dog sign on a pet if it isn't really a service dog.

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The reason about the wagon, or any large pulled coolers, is that you are pulling those behind you and no always looking behind you to see what or who you just ran over. I've sent security allow a wheeled cooler or even a wheeled suitcase, but the guests were instructed they must be PUSHING them (like you would a stroller). Anytime someone is seen pulling something, the guests have been approached and told if they can't push it, they'd have to leave it at guest relations.

6. Unfortunately you are wrong on this, i was asked to turn my 2nd Amendment t-shirt inside out on 4-28-15. It has the 2nd Amendment written in the likeness of an AK-47, with a star on top of it and the phrase "COME AND TAKE IT" underneath. When I asked why I would need to turn it inside out I was told "because it has a gun on it, and the park doesn't allow any form or depiction of a gun in the park"... Meanwhile a man in a Guns and Roses t-shirt walked right by with 2 revolvers on his shirt. My wife pointed out the fact that they sell Star Wars t-s with guns on them as well as toy guns in the park. When i refused to turn my shirt inside out I was told I could speak to a supervisor. When the supervisor arrived I was told "I don't have a 1st Amendment right on private property", and "regardless if my shirt was stating an amendment in the constitution, since it depicted the shape of a gun in words it was not allowed in the park". Right after this I walked into downtown Disney, entered a Disney store, and purchased a Star Wars collage t-shirt with 3 different characters holding guns. When I entered the park the 2nd time I was told "I love that t-shirt" by the park official! At this point I was really pissed off at the ripe hypocrisy. I went to customer relations to ask why the shirt I was wearing was okay, but my 2nd amendment t-shirt was not, and was told "it's probably because it says COME AND TAKE IT", I don't know about the average uneducated person, but this phrase ("Come and take it" is an American patriotic slogan used in 1778 at Fort Morris in Georgia during the American Revolution and in 1835 at the Battle of Gonzales during the Texas Revolution. The phrase is similar to Molon labe (come and take them), which is a classical expression of defiance reportedly spoken by King Leonidas I in response to the Persian army's demand that the Spartans surrender their weapons at the Battle of Thermopylae.) It's been on flags since our inception as a country. Also if the constitution is offensive maybe you're not American! Just saying Disney, your policies and hypocrisy in them are down right ridiculous.

Costumes for kids 10 and under are fine per the rules. They have to make these rules because there are too many idiots!

Ok I'm gonna break this down, as a former cast member on the world showcase in Epcot.

10) I have never seen anyone with a skateboard, but I've seen ALL of the other items being used in the parks.

9) the fact that I sometimes used to take a folding chair into the parks makes this one invalid

8) this one is true

7) completely not true. I've worn torn jeans, and even a hello kitty dress (I am male and this was made for girls around the age of 6) and nothing my was said. Unless you're not naked you will be A ok. Cast members and security won't be checking to see what kind of underwear you have on either

6) this is also untrue. I wore a t-shirt that said fuck George bush on the front. Although I had some stares and the odd heated discussion with other guests, nothing was said by actual CM's or security.

5) as far as topless gusts go, this true and is for health and safety reasons. With the law suit culture of the U.S. someone will try and blame wdw for them getting sunburnt or something.

4) this one is spot on

3) yes guests are not allowed to bring Segways into the parks. But they can (or they did when I was there) have an opportunity to ride a Segway in the science and innovation area of Epcot. Also just to note, car park attendants and managerial CM's use them

2) you got one thing right, you can't bring your own booze in. But I can not count on the number of times myself and other cast members had gone to the world showcase, regardless if it was food and wine festival, and got absolutely slaughtered!!!

1) yeah, true. Speaks for itself really.

As others have said. These may be the rules that are in place, but the majority of them are not enforced
So rather than just posting an article like this as you have done, get from behind your screen, go to the parks and them out, do some actual research and speak to current and former cast members.

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I think this really has more to do wit $$ as Disney rents strollers both single and double. While both take up a lot of road space, I find it easier to get myself around a wagon than get tripped by a stroller

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if you do not like strollers.. Do not go to a park designed for children!! Lol... You obviously do not have children or you would understand why a stroller is a must!!

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Last week i was coming out of small world and someone had one of the those stupid hands up don't shoot t-shirts

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Really??!!? Ban strollers?? In a park that is geared around and for children!! Have YOU ever tried carrying 1 or more small kids not only in an amusement park, but anywhere for a whole day?? My kids are teenagers now....and I too have been run into by strollers.....but that is to be expected anywhere kids are "allowed to go"......and if I'm not mistaken, they used to offer strollers for rent at the parks.

I got thrown out of Disney's Hollywood Studios for wearing a FCUK slogan tshirt that were a thing at the time. I tried pointing out that it was the reads own mind that made it offensive, but to no avail. Proud moment!

I agree with most of these restrictions though i don't understand the size restrictions with strollers. ... What if you require a double? But aside from that i would be pissed if i took my children there only to see drunk stumbling idiots with profanity written all over they're shirts or a young woman with her tits falling out. Thank you Disney for keeping family in mind!... even in these days

I once saw a dad with two very young toddlers in a wagon with a sunshade top. This wagon did not take up any more room than a stroller but they were turned away. It was so small and surely lighter than my daughter's wheelchair. Why were they turned away? I know the busses would have a hard time, but I have seen some huge double strollers folded and carried on the busses. I thought the wagon was a good idea.

I have been going to Disney for over 40 years and have NEVER seen someone as drunk as some posters are describing. I have been during the Food & Wine Festival and have also never witnessed this. I think most of this is exaggerated. I am always too busy having fun not looking for things to complain about. SMH.

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Last week while at magic kingdom I saw a man/boy with a skateboard!!!

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Last week while at magic kingdom I saw a man/boy with a skateboard!!!

It's too bad no one is really enforcing most of theses rules any more. I guess it's up to guests to complain and hope something gets done when blatant volations occur.

They said costumes can be worn for kids under 10 and so kids can wear them. Last time I went only little ones where dressed up anyways.

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Well, obviously the person above did see those things. I guess everybody's experience is different.

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If you read the whole description it stated children under ten could dress up.

Wagons also. We brought one for our kids and were given a stroller to use. Said wagons were tripping hazards.

They are a privately owned company they can enforce the Tshirt ban freedom of speach is outside their walls

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I have been to the food and wine festival several times and never seen anyone drunk or the place a mess. I held annual passes for years and always had a good time except for the over crowding and wait times for rides.

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I have been to the food and wine festival several times and never seen anyone drunk or the place a mess. I held annual passes for years and always had a good time except for the over crowding and wait times for rides.

ALSO, I just wanna say this because I saw someone above saying something about taking their kids to food and wine. YES. Guys, it's a bad idea. Stop getting CMs to babysit your kids. Please. Once, a woman came up to me and asked if I would keep an eye out on her kids. I don't know what my face looked like but I think and hope that it was a "nah lady, you crazy?!" face because she quickly changed her mind. Hahaha

Just to add to this, I know it wasn't mentioned but I've totally seen two rap videos in the making at Hollywood Studios. IDK what that's all about but it's happening and no one did anything about it even though they were expressing themselves loudly using some unsavory language. I've also seen a man physically abuse his wife in the middle of a store and as CMs, we can't do anything except call security because we aren't technically supposed to touch guests. It was probably one of the most disturbing scenes I've ever witnessed. It was like a horror movie, everyone standing and watching but no one helping. Being allowed to help.

Hello. Hi. Former Cast Member here. Short of being completely naked, there are no clothing restrictions. I've seen guests come in with profane words or images on their shirts and nothing was said to them. My fellow CMs and I would try not to gawk or draw attention to the clothing choices of our guests, as it is unprofessional, but sometimes when we'd see other CMs backstage, we would comment. That's really it. Also, if you're hammered at Disney, no one says anything. I worked during the International Food & Wine Festival and we had hordes of drunkards coming in, especially after the fireworks, that would sit down on the floor in groups and block doorways. I told my managers once that one of them hit on me and he told me I could file an incident report "if I was actually offended"...but I digress. You can get completely shitfaced at Disney if you do so desire. The CMs will come up to you and ask if you are okay, but nothing else. How else do you think that ex-Marine guy got down to the EPCOT tunnels and injured CMs with a PVC pipe? More on that topic, you can bring small weapons into the parks. If you are in accordance with the weapons policies of the state of FL, you have the right to carry a weapon. This means no guns, pepper spray, tasers (maybe?), but you can have a small blade. Lots of CMs have box cutters assigned to them. To wrap it up, these policies may exist at WDW, but some of them are not implemented. So get drunk and naked and carry a box cutter at Disney World because this is America and dammit you're allowed to!

Last year for the MNSSHP we brought tiny fold out chairs.. 2 fit in the disney draw string back packs they have. Not bulky at all in fact your pretty much sitting on the ground with them. We unfolded them so my dad could use it. Hes got bad knees and sitting that low getting up and down hurts. And a cast member came over and said no. I've seen people use canes that have a seat. this was similar and when you sat youre lower than those. Just sucks.

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Obviously you are not a parent.

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Sorry, but I'm curious as to why you mentioned that the woman was morbidly obese? Were you offended by her size or by her shirt?

In reply to by Victoria Cole … (not verified)

Jim Heselden bought the company in 2010. He died that same year in a Segway accident.

Free speech applies to the government, not private enterprise. Disney is well within it's rights to ban "offensive" slogans on shirts.

I think strollers should be banned. I get tired of having my feet ran over and my ankles being bumped into. I have a bad ankle from a car accident. 7 screws and a plate. It hurts everytime I get ran into. Also I think parents who dont watch their children should be shone the door!!!

They don't allow older children and adults to wear costumes because they don't want guests getting confused between the "real" character and the visitors dressed as characters.

I think they're talking more about shirts that have profanity or suggestive photos on it. As for costumes kids under 10 can wear costumes to the park, adults can Disneybound (wear items that are in the theme/color scheme of a character). I do agree with you about the girls that are wearing shirts and shorts that are WAY to small for them.

Disney is not the government, they can set whatever standards they want when it comes to offensive clothing and no first amendment rights are violated.
Read the copy, children under 10 are allowed to dress up all they want.

The Segway was invented here in NH by Dean Kamen and as far as I know he's still alive!

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I think you're unclear on what "free speech" means. It means that the government cannot infringe upon your right to say whatever you want, short of "fighting words" and things like yelling "Fire!" in a crowded theater.

Disney is private property, and they are well within their rights. I saw a morbidly obese woman in Blue Bayou wearing a "She wants the D" shirt in Waltograph font.

So, no, freedom of speech has zero to do with this and I wish people were more educated about the meanings of both the first and the second amendments.

Have to say these are common sense things. The t-shirts debate goes on everywhere! I personally don't care for seeing a persons tight spandex revealing "everything" but it happens. People actually wear something over them to get in, then they take off clothes in the bathrooms. Why do people do it? Because they have no respect for others nor themselves. Disneyland is suppose to be a place where families can go and not worry about their child being subjected to bad examples. Patrons should not be allowed to take the alcohol purchased at the Winery around the park either. I have had it spilled on me when waiting in the crowd to see the parade on Disney California side. Just show some respect for everyone is all Disney is asking.

They also do not allow wagons. We wanted to use ours instead of the stroller. We were stopped in the parking lot and sent back to our car.

Disney is not a government entity therefore there is no expectation of free speech in their parks. Take some time to educate yourself.

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Correct. Maybe the website is hosting from somewhere off the coast of Europe. Strange.

I've been to Epcot at other times and people are STILL drunk out of their minds it has nothing to do with the wine festival it has to do with people drinking their way around the worlds. If you can handle what you're drinking that's cool and totally fine but I have seen so many loud obnoxious drunks there that it takes the fun/magic out of it. If I'm going for a ever so slightly cultural(?) experience I'd prefer not to get beer spilled on me which has happened before. On the profanity thing though I've seen quite a ton of bad shirts especially at magic kingdom which is actually really horrible because honestly that is probably the most kid oriented park and I wouldn't want my child asking what that means.

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The time on here is also wrong, it says 3:57 pm, when it is actually 11:19 am.

In reply to by Harley'smom (not verified)

The time that it says you sent this is 3:30 pm, but that is incorrect, it is actually 11:14 am.

I saw something on fb that said if you write to a disney character they will write you back. My grandson did this and did NOTget a letter back from lightening mcqueen

Number 8 is incorrect. Adults are allowed to wear costumes, as long as they are not too similar to the park costumes. No masks are allowed. If dressed as a character, you are not allowed to take photos with people outside your party, sign autographs, or portray yourself as the character with your actions. Basically, no cosplay. Just wear the dress without a wig and you are fine. I regularly see women dressed as princesses.

Seriously?!? Epcot is Not an adult park! My son has 'the seas with nemo and friends', and 'turtle talk with crush' on his must do list! This park has so many oppurtunities for my son to learn so much in such a fun way! Lessons on science with emphasis on caring for our earth in future world, and learning geography, and about other cultures in world showcase! I would hate to miss this on our trip. My son will learn so much in this park. And the wine festival is held during one of the two best times for us to go. With walt's emphasis on keeping the magic in the parks, and nothing allowed to take away from it, I can't believe he would be happy with drunks in his park being rambunctious, and throwing up. Disney is for kids of all ages! In all the parks. Yes this is one that may appeal to the adults more then the others, but it is also a very good park for the kids! Just because adults like it better doesn't make it an adult park!

In reply to by Emily (not verified)

This forum really needs "like" buttons!

In reply to by Visitor (not verified)

Its at disney world. If that's when people can go, they go. Why do they have a wine festival at Disney??

In reply to by Visitor (not verified)

You don't get a ticket for smoking outside of designated areas, you're just told that you have to put it out and go to a designated area.

In reply to by Visitor (not verified)

I like the rule about glass. Several years ago I was at the Food and Wine festival and enjoying the Party for the Senses where you are given a souvenir wine glass. Since I was on a limited time schedule left a bit early to be able to see the parade at the Magic Kingdom. Had to check my glass in at guess services, thought it was kind of dumb that I was given a glass in a Disney Park, but couldn't take it to another one,

I was going to Disneyland with my son-in-law who is a federal law enforcement agent and he always has a gun on him. As we were going through the check point he had pulled something out of his pocket and he forgot he had a pocket knife on him. The worker noticed it and would not allow that in. It was a cheap knife so he threw it in the trash (wonder if the worker retrieved it.) He made it through with his gun. I personally think all off duty officers should have a gun on them. I think Disney would be smart to have locker rentals at the check station. (Airports too)

Totally agree. I was thinking it and I'm glad you said it. Thank you.
Don't like the safety rules.... stay home.

First of all, Epcot is mostly an adult park anyway. Take the kids to the other parks and maybe not the Food and Wine festival? And I've been to Disney numerous times and seen more things hanging out than when I go to the beach! I'm all for comfort, but don't be trashy. Use some common sense. Period.

In reply to by Visitor (not verified)

Getting a little tipsy is fine, it's part of the experience for adults, especially at Epcot. I think if you can handle yourself and be responsible there is no reason you can't enjoy a few fancy disney world drinks while on vacation.

I've seen some t-shirts with filthy language on them. I wouldn't want my kids reading such words, especially at the happiest place on Earth. As for costumes, anyone could dress up as a character and be mistaken for a park worker by people. This could lead to kids being kidnapped, etc. It's a safety issue. Don't like their rules? then don't go there.

In reply to by Nonnie G (not verified)

Why would you take your kids to a wine festival anyway? Lmao.

This is not accurate. The rules may be there, but are not enforced at all. I saw many women in super short shorts with their rear ends hanging out and encountered MANY drunk people in EPCOT just this month. Many people I know go to EPCOT specifically to drink. Do I think certain clothing and drunkeness should be banned? Yes! They need to enforce it MUCH more.

Frees speech only applies if the Government is infringing on it. The Constitution protects you from the Government, not Disney.

Kids do show up in outfits like princess dresses and so on. That's ok. You can't show up as Pluto.

I don't need to see an offensive shirt slogan inside or outside the park. Leave it home. You'd be surprised how many people try to enter with shirts emblazoned with the F, C, S and other words.

Offensive t-shirts would include those with racial slurs, pictures of drugs, and nudity. Costumes are allowed, so long as the wearer isn't impersonating a Disney character enough to be thought one by guests, the skirt/dress doesn't drag on the ground, and the face/eyes must be visible. Children are allowed to wear costumes. They sell children's costumes in the parks.

Don't wear spikes or have spikes on purses/bags. If a child bumps into them, facial/eye injuries may result. Don't bring pepper spray. Don't bring glass. Don't bring silverware. Don't bring tools. If you do bring prohibited items and are asked to either take the items back to your vehicle or hotel, or surrender the items, don't think you should just walk away and hide the items in the bushes to save time, or hide the items elsewhere on your body. Once a prohibited item is discovered, security is notified, and you are being watched. Being confronted for hiding prohibited items can be extremely embarrassing.

I just got back from Disney World 3 weeks ago. I do know for fact if you are caught smoking at any Disney park or hotel out of designated smoking area and you are will get a 500$ smoking fee. We have seen a ticket given to someone in the smoking area. If at hotel they charge it to your hotel bill. Again that's if you are caught. Offensive shirts/logos I saw tons with bad shirts or shirts that were basically bras or bathing suit tops. I even wore a tee shirt with Ariel all tattoo'd and got tons of cast member props. So they are pretty laid back. The costumes adults can wear they are basically saying they don't want people trying to fool others in to believing they are cast members....seriously this is a duh reason. But if you wanna dress up go for it. But trust me when I say you won't be comfortable. Lol

In reply to by Carol Myers-Dencer (not verified)

I think they are going to far with T-shirt slogans. They are now trampling on free speech. AND some clothes are offensive when the wearer looks to be a size 20 or larger squeezing into a size 8. No costumes? That to me would be part of the fun for kids!

Disney was referring to Jimi Heselden, who bought Segway Inc. in 2010. He died after falling off a cliff while riding a Segway.

Offering an organised Segway tour is pretty different to allowing anyone to bring in their own Segway from home.

In reply to by Carol Myers-Dencer (not verified)

Banning something and actually enforcing that ban consistently are two different things.

Smoking is banned at all UK theme parks outside of designated areas, but it still happens all the time.

I would challenge Disney's "evidence" on #3. Dean Kamen, CEO and founder of DEKA robotics, she company that designed the segway, is still alive and well. Not to mention Disney itself offers segway tours of epcot.

I think WDW should have another look at the International Wine Festival! There were so many drunks there it was disgusting! They were sick and deficating all over the bathrooms! It was total disaster and very disgusting! I will NEVER go at that time of year again! I was so looking forward to the Festival, and to see this mess was a huge turn-off! We had young children with us, and it was quite a mess to get into any restroom in the area!

I would have to question numbers 6 and 7. I have seen a number of very offensive T-Shirts and young women in bikini tops that were little more than nipple covers and shorts so short, that they look like underwear. Also, PDA's that were so offensive that it should have been suggested they get a room or go back to their room.

Interesting, the last time I was there I saw quite a few offensive tshirts.

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