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Because Disney is expensive and an overpriced children's theme park, while Universal holds things for the entire family.

Never been to Universal in all the years I have been to WDW. So I don't miss any of them.. Besides at Disney there is so much to do, why leave...

Yes, Jimmy Neutron was between Funtastic World of HB and Despicable Me.

Wasn't there a Jimmy Neutron ride at USO? I also was aware of a stunt show in the lagoon featuring high speed Scarab boats and an exploding tanker . That was replaced with some lame 3-D sphere show. I might be wrong here but I also remember some sort of back lot tour. I hope I haven confused that with Disney's back lot show.

I'm sure that some will disagree, but when you see the large number of attractions Universal has replaced and upgraded over the years, you've got to think that that is what Walt Disney would have done as well. In regards to Hanna Barbera, it's the only simulator that ever provided me with "air time!!"

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That's ridiculous. Many of the rides were re-purposed, not just taken out. When was the last time you were there? They rides are great. BTTF was replaced with the Simpsons and I have to say it was a great improvement. Not that I like Simpsons better the BTTF on screen, but the ride is a lot of fun. We were there the year closed Jaws and it was terribly boring. Rides have to continue to be updated to appeal to the younger crowds. Do you really think people that are flocking to the park would be interested in Murder She Wrote? No. There's a huge amount of space for new rides and new shows at USF that I'm guessing they be able to take advantage of now that Harry Potter is bringing in so much money. So plan of seeing more new stuff. I've visited USH with few of the newer rides, and we won't be going back on our next Cali trip, but UNF is a must see park every year.

The people who made the decision on closing the rides at universal studios florida, needs to be hung on the flagpole in front of the building and then have the FBI with their AK-47's, pump them full of lead!! I really liked those rides especially the "back to the future the ride".

I think you've misread the article. It refers to Transformers: The Ride - 3D being on the Murder She Wrote site, not Terminator 2 3-D.

Actually, the Terminator show was built into the Hollywood Blvd. facade, where no existing attraction stood. Murder She Wrote became Hercules and Xena for a time (same type of show, different dressing), then was an empty building that hosted a few HHN houses over the years, and finally the whole site got renovated and is now the Transformers ride.

I sure miss the way Universal used to be! The rides reminisced about on here were awesome but some could have used improvement in the form of upgrades. Back to the Future for instance could have used actual sets for visitors to ride through instead of being just a spinoff of the Star Tours design. Does anyone remember the BTTF gift shop? I never went in there but I read it had products in stock from the twenty-fifth century! I remember the park brochure from 1992 described the Funstastic World of Hanna-Barbera as an attraction that lets riders actually feel what it's like to be inside a cartoon. You can imagine the impression I got from that which was that you'd actually be surrounded by the animated characters and settings just like in the movies Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Pete's Dragon and So Dear to My Heart. It was quite a surprise when I got there and rode it! Kongfrontation had a similar waiting area to E.T. in which visitors waited in the streets and subways of New York City (E.T. features a night time forest with cool temperatures in which riders wait in line) and King Kong himself sure was an awesome spectacle! I didn't find Jaws to be a major unexpected thrill but it was still awesome enough for me to badly want it back especially since I liked those movies as a child. I will never forget the Nickelodeon Studios complex which began with the green slime geyser outside (stay clear of the splat zone!) and hosted an incredible amount of TV shows from the network including Double Dare, Legends of the Hidden Temple, All That the popular comedy skit series which ran for an entire decade and many others. The entire complex was billed as the first world headquarters for kids but to live up to that purpose I always thought it would have made sense for it to serve as a meeting space of some sort for kids around the world to convene about things going on across the planet as well as humanity in it's entirety and for them to devise objectives to take on the world and make themselves stand out in it! It also would have been great for it to host any number of attractions and rides for both kids and the young-at-heart! This all in addition to being home to all the shows that were filmed there sometimes in front of a live audience and other times not. Perhaps it was the most elaborate and effective facility ever built for Nickelodeon and that explains why all those amazing game and variety shows are no more! Anyway the E.T. Adventure is today the only remaining one of the park's original rides that opened with it in 1990 and in addition to being a sensational experience in itself it keeps us reminded of the park's earliest era when it was much different and in many cases a more structured environment than what it consists of now.

I don't consider it to be "defunct" as yet, because so much of the original Earthquake experience is still part of Disaster.

Earthquake:The Big One is missing !

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