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Dont just take my word for Europa Park being the best park in Europe. Over the weekend the Golden Ticket Awards (the nearest equivalent to the oscars for theme parks) awarded Europa Park the award for the best amusment park in the world.

(Also of interest for Brits is that Blackpools Valhalla reclaimed the award for the best water ride, beating Universal Studios Florida Ripshaw Falls.)

Why do you think Europa is best? Just curious for our upcoming holiday/vacation.

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Because the list is based on the most visited parks, not necessarily the best.

(If it was based on the best then Europa Park would win)

Tivoli is the best. The problem with Disneyland is price. Entrance alone is 60 Euros, and that won't get you far. For the full experience, you're looking at somewhere around 150 Euros. And why on Earth would you add Legoland Windsor, and not the original park in Billund, Denmark?

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You have no clue what you are talking about. First off, learn to spell and use correct grimmer. Also, there is no Disneyland in Florida, it's disney world. Disney World does not have 13 parks, it has 4 theme parks, 2 water parks, and an entertainment complex.

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I've been to movie park germany recently. It has got the best free fall tower I've ever tried in my whole life. The rest of the attractions are average but there are really lots of them and you won't get bored at all.

I see nobody mentions Movie Park Germany. Is it that bad...

I was considering going there since the discounted price (and distance from our place) is doable, but upon reading all these top 10 lists, not one of them mentioning this park I wonder whether I should bother.

So anyway, disney is still king eh:)

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* your nan

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Best coaster parks in Europe.

- Europapark, Holidaypark - Germany.
- Portaventura, Warner Park - Spain
- Gardaland, Mirabilandia - Italy
- Thorpepark, Alton towers - Uk
- Park Asterix - France

I'm a total dare devil and love big fast rides can anyone recommend the best parks in Europe to suit my need and wants of a total adrenalin rush :) even if it doesn't include theme parks your help would be great thanks :)

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I've been to all of them and Port Aventura is the best.

You need to travel much more...

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How can one get them to come open a park in my country????

I think THE Efteling is THE best, because it's about amusement. You can de see things there you will not see anywhere else. The buildings, the atractions, the music, the way you walk tru the park it's unbelieveble!!! The best there is!!!!! THE rollarcoaster they have their are just great because they where put into à story. And de Efteling is not about rollarcoasters but being somewhere else!!!!

I've been to: Gardaland, Disney Paris, Europapark, Mirabilandia, Legoland DE and 4 parks of Disney World in Florida.
Comparing European parks where I've been Europapark is definitely the best. Several rollercoasters and a lot of attractions for little kids. Good idea to create separate parts for different countries with it's own architecture (esp. Switzerland and Greece are interesting). Second place on my list holds Gardaland. Legoland has much less attractions but fabulous Lego structures!
Disneyland has no really good rollercoaster and in my opinion is far worse than Europapark and Gardaland.

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true dat sista :D

Ive only been to disneyland paris and gardaland out of the list. Gardaland in Italy is definately my fave cuz disneyland paris is CRAP compared to Disneyland in Orlando. Take it from me. I went to Disney in Orlando in 2010 and went to all 13 parks. I went to Disneyland Paris in June 2011 and got bored. I went on space mountain 2, 3 times and Big Thunder Mountain 5 times! The Indiana Jones ride was being fixed when i went. If your going to paris and looking for a themepark, do go to disney but also go to Parc Asterix. It was well better and has 6 rollercoasters! including one with 6 loops in a row. I went to Gardaland in July 2011. The best ride was probably Magic Mountain or the Raptor was AMAZING! I also loved Blue Tornado although it scared me at first, after 5 consecutive goes on it, I manned up! I also liked Ramsas and the rollercoaster that was inside magic mountain. it went horizontally 6 times!!! If your going to Lake Garda in Italy and staying near peshceira del Garda, definately go to GARDALAND!!!!

De Efteling, Port Aventura and Disneyland are the best parks in Europe.

Gardaland and Disneyland are the best !

Europa Park is the Europe's Leading theme park very tidy and friendly recomend to everyone MUCH BETTER THAN DISNEYLAND!

i ve been to all of dem and port aventura is de best

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