No, it's not the biggest, fastest, or scariest ride out there. It is just a really fun ride. Yes the seats are difficult to fasten, yes there should be a single rider line, and yes more fans or angle of fans should be changed in the line. Aside from all that, Cheetah Hunt is a really good ride. You get at least four bouts of good air time, and the launches are completely unexpected. I love the old Rhino Rally part of the ride where it zips through the s curves over water in the canyon. The 60 mph blast up the wind catcher tower followed by the air time that follows is an adrenaline rush. Not quite as thrilling as SheiKra, but a great rush. The ride is beautifly themed. The wait times are only really long in the afternoon and on holidays. The line fizzles out toward closing. NO that does not mean this ride in any way is bad. The front row (and the extra wait) is WORTH WAITING for! Especially the right side.

I haven't ridden Texas Giant, and will probably love it, but do know it was re-furbished and not really a NEW ride. It's just a gimmick like floor less SheiKra was a few years back (which is great btw). If you haven't experienced a ride, DON'T ASSUME it's lame.

As for this review, It's HOT in FL in the summer. Being from Orlando you should know this already! Cheetah run is now fully functioning and the animals are beautiful. The cheetah's can't always tolerate the heat and are put inside. Its hard to see them from the coaster anyway because it goes so fast by their exhibit. The wait time is clearly posted outside. If its too long for you, ride something else and come back later. Try the front row if you decide to give it another chance.

For people reading, no the ride isn't really intense, but if you want a pure fun ride and a good rush, Cheetah Hunt is well worth the wait. It is a ride I keep coming back to for more! I rate it an 8 out of 10.

Ive heard mostly that the ride is a let down. Also i hear the line is quite short now which is probably a result of the the ride being such a let down. If you really want a ride thats thrilling and exciting and wont let you down head on down to the new texas giant at six flags over texas its ABSOLUTELY AMAZING

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this ride was a HUGE dissapointment. PERIOD.

In reply to by Nick Sim

Hi. My brother and I just rode Cheetah Hunt this past weekend. We liked it so much, we rode it four times in one day.

As far as the article goes...first off, I think the clock that says how long the wait is is off. We got there first thing in the morning and it was 0 minute wait. This really turned out to be about 20-25 minutes. As for the other three times we rode it, it seemed to be about the same even though the clock was changing throughout the day. It even read 90 minutes as one point around lunch time, and it was still about a 20-25 minute wait.

The writer of the article also mentioned that the line is "a winding maze with an occasional fan or two." And in the "Downsides" section she mentions that there "is nowhere near enough shade cover." Yes, the line is a little twisty, but its not at all confusing, or even that long. As far as the shade issue, the line is inside a building. What more cover from the sun do you need? I will admit, however, that they may need to add a few more fans, or at least change the angle that some of them are blowing. It does get hot inside the building, but you are not subject to direct sunlight.

The line itself moves relatively quickly and I think one reason for this is because they always have two trains in the station, with two more on standby waiting to pull in. The fifth one is usually going around the track somewhere during all this.

As for the ride...this is a cool roller coaster. Even though I was expecting to be launched at certain parts of the track, I was not expecting the first one right there at the exit of the station, or the next one about 5 seconds later. Very good designing, and an overall great ride. Like I said, my brother and I rode it four times in one day. It's definitely a ride I'll keep getting on.

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Thanks for pointing out the errors, which are now fixed.

I don't think Charissa was implying that the cheetahs are part of the coaster (how could they be?), just citing their non-appearance as one of the things that didn't go as well as it could have during her visit.

Have you been on the coaster? Would love to hear your review if so.

Nick (Editor)

Whilst I found your review interesting there are a few points. Firstly there is only One Inversion, not the two you state there are. Cheetah Run is a seperate attraction along the same theming where you can get close to the Cheetahs, it isn't a design that you interact with the animals whilst on the ride. At 3 1/2 minutes long this is a good long ride for a rollercoaster and at 4000ft isn't short by any means. Whilst I agree that shade/ fans for the comfort of waiting guests is ideal bear inmind that its was Memorial day, anyone travelling to a theme park yet alone to visit and ride one of the biggest new attractions anywhere in the world for 2011 your going to have to wait. It does quite clearly show in the photos that the wait time is 180 minutes, why wouldn't you be prepared for this? I would have some sort of drink with me knowing I was going to have to wait this long, you wouldn't go and wait anywhere for three hours without abit of foresight surely? Finally, magnetic track, don't think there is such a thing? Surely it is standard track but uses a magnetic launch system? The smoothness is down to precision Intamin engineering.

Come to think of it the best part of this review is the embedded video which shows the ride of beautifully. You didn't even mention the fact that it utilises some of the scenery from Rhino Rally!!!

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