Visited Orlando for WrestleMania 33 at Camping World Stadium in 2017 but we also visited both Universal parks as well. I had no idea DD was there before Hogsmeade was added but I felt like it fit in with the rest of the theme. At that time, I felt like it was the best ride at Islands of Adventure (aside from Hulk). Not sure if it was just me but one dragon seemed more intense than the other, I think the red one felt faster and more fun. I was sad to hear they got taken down a year or two after that.

100% agree. Dueling Dragons was so much fun. How terrible that other riders were injured through the thoughtlessness of others.

DD will forever be one of the greatest coasters built in both theming, intensity and just plain fun. Best B&M invert IMO. It used to be the best ride in IOA. Just watching them duel was fun. Take that away and it’s not the same. Hagrids is an excellent replacement. I can’t see a better coaster to substitute the beloved DD.

I had a two park annual pass back in the day and dueling dragons was such an awesome ride! Always a good time off how the operators used to nudge one of the coasters while going up. After many years of having a pass and watching the crowds grow, had to call it quits when my daughter came along.

While I haven't been to Universal Studios since probably 2009 or 2010, when the beginning stages of Wizarding World were starting to take place with large barriers around The Lost Continent. I will fondly remember the Dueling Dragons ride. My brother, dad and I would get to the park early and sprint to the back of the park just to ride these dragons over and over again before a line would form. The near 3 or 4 Gs you'd feel on some of those steep pulls were something to write home about. It makes me sad that things have to change but, man, I sure am glad we wore those coasters OUT every year we went. Excited for a chance to finally return to see what they've done in its place. Thanks for the article!

Really? You're writing about a roller coaster that's no longer around? You do know there is a new theme park being built? Lol

Dueling dragons was a great coaster and should not have been removed.

Dueling dragons was awesome! Dragon challenge when they did not launch simultaneously was much more lame. Both coasters were great rides; wish they had just made it full-on Harry Potter themed and left the coasters alone! Could have been a quidditch (sp) match!

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