Apologies for that typo slipping through, it has now been corrected.

" . . . inappropriated dressed. . . "
Journalism is dead. Anyone heard of an editor?

I have a cure for this instead of giving them a generic cheap tee shirt you know like the ones sold outside of Disney at 3 for 10 dollars. And make them some aweful color they wouldn't want.

I was waiting in line at Universal studios and I PASSED OUT LOL it must have been a bit hot. A doctor lady poured her water on me to wake me up (it worked) and they put me in a wheelchair and took me to the medic area. The workers there saw my shirt was soaked so they gave me a new one (a Harry potter shirt) so tldr: if u want a free shirt all u gotta do is feint and get your shirt soaked lol

TikTok really needs to be taken down. It's extremely toxic and people it helps bring out the worst in people.

Turn them away! People will abuse anything. Disney could hand out a basic tee that will shrink in the washer. Someone will make a whole video about it. So tired of these social media attention seekers.

Finally! Poor little kids that are butt height running into actual butt cheeks! 😂

The challenge got out of hand because (if I remember correctly), the person who posted had gotten a $75 spirit jersey for free. Naturally people will try to duplicate that. If Disney had just handed her a basic, low cost shirt, it might not have escalated.

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