Yes please bring back FastPasses! They were so helpful on our last trip. I got to ride all the rides and do everything I wanted todo there. We are planning on going to Disney World when COVID is over and I really hope they bring the FastPass back since they were so helpful on our last trip.

I have a trip planned for August this is a once in a lifetime trip for me and would so much like to see fastpass return to be able to ride all the rides I've dreamed of for so many years. We've all have paid big$ for these vacations shouldn't we get something out of them .

Please bring back fast passes, if you are visiting from overseas so only have one chance to play in the parks fast passes are the best things in the world. visiting with children with no fast passes sounds the holiday from hell, you may not get many rides pew day but not having to wait in line for hours is the best perk around. Staying in a Disney hotel used to carry many extras but they are all slowly disappearing if you cant book some rides in advance then you might as well not be on site.

I am going on September, but I am not happy that Fast Pass is gone. I will not be doing any of the popular rides then. I feel they should be available for Disney Resort guests as a perk, and most certainly for DVC members and annual pass holders

Fastpass will be coming back... but as a paid service.

I visit two weeks a year (both fall and winter) and will not return until Fastpass comes back. Friends were there recently and wait times were worse than stand-by lines have ever been with no relief in the form of a few fast-passes. I monitor line wait times daily and they are only getting worse as time goes on. People who complain that the fast-pass system made stand-by worse have no idea what zero fast pass means for every single line throughout the park. Bring it back!!!!

We are planning a Christmas Disney World vacation. We know it will be jammed but it's a first for the grandkids and three years in the planning. FAST PASSES are certainly high on my list of wants and I think needs. This was a major perk for staying at one of the resorts.

I hope it never comes back. It has made standby lines unbearable. It works for hotel guests who can snag fastpass way in advance. People who visit on short notice wait in a standby line that does not move. It is move efficient to have lines moving with zero fastpass. Good riddance.

I am really enthusiastic about fastpass+ coming back to the parks along with the dining plan. The convenience is missing without it.

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