I can't wait to visit universal Orlando Florida when they open up again I will be so happy and glad I love ❤️ Orlando so much it's so much fun ??????????????????????????✨?✨?✨?????????????????????

Omg you people whine about every little thing. Wear the damn mask if you don't like it then don't go. Employees need to be kept safe from people visiting the park. If you don't want to wear it in the heat then visit the park at night.

i for one will be calling to cancel my season passes. this was not part of the contract when j agreed to pay this monthly payment. i cannot breath with a mask on for extend periods of time.

I certainly believe that opening at 50% is a VERY BAD IDEA! We are so excited yo get back to Disney but at safe capacity!!

absolutely miserable....im shocked that peoole would want to even go for this, but again, not shocked when I think of the soccer mommies and suburban soy dads who will give in to anything.

I sure hope these places are willing to offer delays on annual passes for people who refuse based on the original agreement at time of purchase. Temporarily suspend passes for those who choose to want to be normal and reactivate the pass when things get back to normal.

I'm all for business being allowed to make any choice they want but if it includes my money and an agreement we made at time of purchase then let's both respect each other and meet in the middle.

I personally think many of these regulations are just security theater and are going to be dropped very quickly. Masks especially. The summer heat, especially in places like Florida and southern California, will make it difficult to breathe and people will want to take their masks off for pictures.

The publicity from people dropping from heatstroke due to being unable to breathe through their masks will be worse than an outbreak. I say that because people will say that the masks were Disney's rule and thus they are responsible if someone gets injured or dies because of wearing one. And Disney has always been quick to do things to avoid lawsuits (good and bad) so it wouldn’t take much for them to scrap the rule.

Plus, families are going to be unable to get their kids to keep their masks on for even two to three hours straight without taking it off. Small children will have those things off in a matter of minutes, and older children are likely to not wear them even if only out of defiance. Never mind the discomfort of the masks and the health risks of masked breathing for that length of time.

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