Ok their teaming together to agree on what is liable what they'll fight with guests that try to sue and then explain it to FL govt that plan , which it will add no one can sue the govt. Maybe share cleaning resources and distancing rules, that's it.

Then the parks will open. Hopefully by Xmas.

The nation has overreacted. Let's get these parks opened!

Go ahead, pick yourself a healthy dose of Covid-19 up

Your comment - is it your research or emperical data of another sort? You speak with such authority it seems you should be at 1600 Penn. street.

They will have a very hard time coming up with an opening plan that's going to both "make people feel safe" and allow close to their regular level of customer experience... Until the truth is admitted about inflated coronavirus numbers, and the disease's true impact. As the facts start to come out, it's gotten beyond the conspiracy theorists and to real Americans - when influenza kills 5x the number of people as COVID, why don't we shut the country down from October-April every year?! If anyone has the resources, clout and economic need to take a stand and get real answers, it's Disney and Universal.

I don't think I'm alone in feeling that if they opened the park, we'd go (we were planning to in July). But when they talk about these measures they're going to put into place - temperature readings, masks in Florida in the summer... Not worth the financial investment. Doesn't sound enjoyable in the least.

Check your numbers, more like covid kills 5 xs more than influenza...

that is exactly what I'm saying. I don't want to go wearing a mask and no parades and meer and greets my child would be so disappointed and has been wanting to go forever. I saved my money for a long time to go this summer why she still believes in all of it but taking photos with her in a face mask and her not being able to hug rapunzel not worth it

I have mentioned it before on my Facebook page in a more elaborate written form.

The average person has 52 facial touches per day or 2.1 per hour or just over 3 per WAKING hour.

2015 saw an observational study in which facial touches went from 3 per hour without a mask to 23 per hour with a mask. Add in the hot Florida or California sun over the summer (incidentally when coronaviridae are at a lower incidence BY DEFAULT; all viruses are without virtual exception to the rule and there are a lot of reasons for this) and you could see this rise exponentially. I think masks are a disaster.

On to temperature checks; if a predominance of COVID-19 patients are asymptomatic; it has been mind boggling that we are still doing things like this (and the face masks above) to give a FALSE SENSE OF SECURITY.

Oh well, I suppose I digress - in times like these, it is the blind leading the blind.

Dana Houser, MD

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